Aug. 3rd, 2017

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I'm getting slightly better at a certain kind of habit formation or habit change, the kind Mel writes about here -- so, like, I start noticing that I'm about to do a particular thing as a response to boredom/fear/other stimulus, and so I let myself do that, as a conscious choice, but I tell myself that not next time but the time after that, I'm going to make a different choice, and then the time after that I'll do the unconstructive thing. And then each day I decide that the next day I'll choose to do that thing slightly fewer times. And over time the habit fades. Or for a website where I spend time unproductively, I'm getting more in the habit of using LeechBlock.

For predictable cues that works. But sometimes reminders come at you sideways, you know? Like, walking through an airport, on my way to a flight home, and seeing that there's a flight boarding to a different city, and what if I could just get on that plane and talk to them and it would all be okay?

A little ways into my last community management job, I told someone that my two main tasks were to create processes that scaled and to inculcate empathy in others. Uh turns out this is basically always applicable on micro and macro and intra levels.

Selves! Argh!


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