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(Photo courtesy of Menace)

It was like any other Manchester, UK, day. The story’s a classic one. Some artists need day jobs. This little truth applies to Adnan Khan (aka “Menace”), age 22. Life as a mobile phone technician didn’t quite fulfill his creative energies — he crafted grime-influenced hip-hop production as a means of unwinding, and had worked with Young Noble, a member of Tupac’s old group the Outlawz. Crafting beats was an everyday thing, and the process was painstakingly routine.

One production in particular was the artist’s eponymous call — aptly titled “Menace.” Patience is the name of the game. So, the artist waited, and waited, and within a year, Brooklyn hip hop recording artist Desiigner, signed to Kanye West’s label G.O.O.D Music, had recorded raps over the instrumental, renamed it as “Panda” and propelled it to hit record status.

The Menace-produced track “Panda” has been nominated in the Track of the Year category for the 2016 BET Hip-Hop Awards and certified triple platinum by the RIAA, with over three million units sold and streaming numbers in the hundreds of millions. “Panda” was also lifted from the single soundscape and neatly placed on “Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 2” in Kanye latest’s album The Life of Pablo. From there, Menace got calls, texts, e-mails, and DMs from people all over the world who wanted to re-create the same magic he supplied for Desiigner’s career. In April, he signed a publishing deal with Tim Blacksmith’s Stellar Songs.

Born and raised in in Rochdale, England, to a mother born and raised in Kashmiri Pakistan, Khan is the eldest of five children. He remains an observant Muslim, does not drink or smoke, and celebrated Ramadan this past summer. In this interview, he discusses the sudden and exponential success of “Panda,” his current and future plans, and his gripe with America’s visa system, among other topics.

* * *

Whats your earliest memory of music? Do you have a musical family?

The first time I encountered music was with my dad. He used to play old-school 1980s music like Michael Jackson and Billy Ocean on his tape player. He introduced me to music. My dad loves listening and makes music for himself at times. He likes playing synthesizers especially the Korg M1 which has a very nostalgic background. This is one of the reasons I do music now and know how to play the piano and keyboard. Watching my father, and telling myself I want to be like him.

Who gave you the name Menace?

 To be honest, it was a name from high school. I used to be a little rebel. I wasn’t one of them good kids. A lot of kids used to call me Menace.

How did you first get into music?

The transition from listening to actually making the music was a slow process but obviously it was a start. I used to have an mp3 player I used to load instrumentals on from Dr. Dre, Scott Storch, etc. I used to have a keen interest in the background music. One day I just said to myself, “How do people make these instrumentals?” That’s when I started doing my own research. I was 12 years old then. I’m 22 now.

How did you link with Young Noble, a member of Tupacs old group the Outlawz?

That was right before Panda came out. I never met him, no, not yet. I haven’t met Desiigner yet either.

Whats the most important lesson you learned from working with Young Noble?

I learned that a lot of artists like simplified instrumentals.

How did you link with Desiigner?

To be honest, it was after he released “Panda”. I used to have a beat shop where I used to sell my music. The beat was called “Menace” first. He bought the beat, and I only found out it was him when “Panda” came out. A couple months later, someone mentioned me on Twitter like you need to check this out, this is fire.

When I first heard it, I knew it was going to be big. It was catchy. It had a lot of bounce to it. It was right for the clubs. It was hitting about 30k views the first day I saw it. The next day it was 100k. Then it just skyrocketed.

Why do you think people compare Desiigner and Future so much?

It’s just the voice. Future uses autotune. Desiigner’s just got the voice. Mainly, it had to do with the ad-libs. The ad-libs are more or less similar.

Youve stated grime music influenced “Panda” and Desiigner. What is it about grime that works well with your style?

Grime, the genre itself, is a very high tempo type of style. It’s like a burst of energy. I used that as well as trap to infuse something. A lot of people come up to here talking about I can tell that’s grime. It just hits you in the face. That’s the influence.

Why did you sign with Tim Blacksmith’s Stellar Songs?

To be honest, I was in a big bidding war between all the record labels. Tim Blacksmith beat the competition. He was the one with the highest, proper deal, money wise. Obviously, my contract was lenient, if you know what I mean. With G.O.O.D, the contract was offering me less, and had a lot of strings attached. I did my research on Tim’s company, and he’s been associated with star producers with at least ten hits under their belt. That’s what got me interested in them.

Kanye West bought the rights to the song for $200. Do you think you should have earned more?

 This is what I was saying to a lot of people. They get confused about selling versus publishing. A lot of people undercut each other. I think the price is about right. Publishing is where the real money comes, it comes from plays. That’s why the publishing deal is crucial. The beat itself is only $200, that’s it. Every producer should take note of a publishing deal.

Youre the eldest of five children in your family. Given your success, are they starting to look as music as a viable career path?

To be honest, they’ve got a keen interest in music. They don’t have the fire in them like I do. They like the music. They have a keen interest in whatever I do. Obviously, I do this because I love music. It’s not like I’m going to impress anyone, like I’m going to be the coolest dude because I love music. Music just relaxes me, it’s my therapy. When I’m stressed, this is the thing that I turn to. It calms me down. It’s like a bonus for me.

How do you remain true to your values while working in hip-hop?

To be honest, the only thing that’s different is me not working a 9 to 5 job right now.

Have you experienced backlash from communities regarding your music?

I haven’t. My craft is respected. For example, I’ll be on the street. When people approach me they say you made Pakistanis proud, you made Asians proud. It’s widely respected that I’ve done this. Culture is different from faith. Sometimes you get the religious people saying it doesn’t really help your faith, to be making the music you make. But if I’m opening the door for others to follow my path, I know it’s not bad, it’s good. To be honest, where I live, people are very open. People are happy, like I did something good for the country. Not just my community.

Have you experienced anti-blackness in South Asian communities?

In the UK black and brown people tend to get along together very well. Normally when Asian people protest black people participate also. There’s a unity with both communities so the level of interaction is very high. Most of my friends growing up were black, the culture we live in is influenced by black culture for the most part.

Whats your gripe with the the USAs visa system?

The visa system, to be honest, is underway. But when I first started, there were a lot of hiccups. My last name is Khan. It’s the same as a lot of U.S. inmates. There are a lot of people in prison with the name Khan, as well as a lot of terrorists. They wanted to know who I am, what I do, where I’m from. But it’s going smooth now. Within the next 2 months, I should be in the U.S. in the studio working with these artists in person.

The BET Awards will be broadcast October 4. Whats your expectation?

There’s a lot of hits that came out. Obviously I wish whoever wins good luck. I give them my congratulations. You have “Controlla”, “All The Way Up”, and obviously “Panda” itself.

Yeah. Actually, myself, I’m the person who’s opened up the door for many Asians. I’ve opened the door for a lot of people to come home and potentially have the same success. The industry I’m in right now is dominated by black and white people. Nothing against black or white people, it’s just that there’s never been the case any Asian has come in. We have Arabs, with DJ Khaled, who’s made his mark. But it’s time for Asians to come in and make their mark on the scene.

Whats your favorite album right now?

Schoolboy Q’s LP that he just released. Outside of rap, hip-hop, r&b, I don’t really listen to much. In the past I was heavily involved in the Asian music scene. It didn’t last long, only a couple of months, then it was back to making more commercial type of music. Jay Sean was on my list. He was the icon of Asian artists at that time. Very big then. He’s left Cash Money now and come back. But back then he was a very big deal to many people.

What are your future plans?

I’ve got some UK artists I’m working with. When the time comes I’m going to announce it. Lot of endorsements, lot of business plans. 2017 is going to be a very good year for me. I’m looking forward to that. UK is always going to be my home. U.S. is going to be my workplace. I’ve been brought up here.

How would you describe the past year for you?

I wanted people to hear my music, and now it’s getting heard. When people praise me for this… it’s one of my biggest dreams. It’s bigger than fame, bigger than popularity — when people notice you for something no-one else has. It makes me feel proud of myself.

* * *

Mustafa Abubaker is the author of The Surrogate. He is currently working on a new novel.

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This is primarily just a collection of links, pointing to some of the current activities of the Digital Publishing Working group. I'm posting from the conference where I can't dictate, so I'm not adding much context. But please feel free to ask me questions.

To begin with, here's the briefest of introductions to the core standards body: The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), and the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI). There rest of my presentation covers the accessibility activities of the Digital Publishing Interest Group (DPUG IG). I'm an Invited Expert on DPUB IG, and I'm a co-chair of the DPUB IG Accessibility task force, with Charles LaPierre of Benetech.

You can follow many of the activities of the DPUB IG on the W3C blog, category digital publishing, RSS, [syndicated profile] dpub_w3c_feed.

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Dohyeong Kim, Yongwhi Kwon, Peng Liu, I Luk Kim, David Mitchel Perry, Xiangyu Zhang, and Gustavo Rodriguez-Rivera: "Apex: Automatic Programming Assignment Error Explanation". OOPSLA 2016, http://researcher.watson.ibm.com/researcher/files/us-liup/apex.pdf.

This paper presents Apex, a system that can automatically generate explanations for programming assignment bugs, regarding where the bugs are and how the root causes led to the runtime failures. It works by comparing the passing execution of a correct implementation (provided by the instructor) and the failing execution of the buggy implementation (submitted by the student). The technique overcomes a number of technical challenges caused by syntactic and semantic differences of the two implementations. It collects the symbolic traces of the executions and matches assignment statements in the two execution traces by reasoning about symbolic equivalence. It then matches predicates by aligning the control dependences of the matched assignment statements, avoiding direct matching of path conditions which are usually quite different. Our evaluation shows that Apex is every effective for 205 buggy real world student submissions of 4 programming assignments, and a set of 15 programming assignment type of buggy programs collected from stackoverflow.com, precisely pinpointing the root causes and capturing the causality for 94.5% of them. The evaluation on a standard benchmark set with over 700 student bugs shows similar results. A user study in the classroom shows that Apex has substantially improved student productivity.

In this paper, the authors combine several sophisticated techniques to diagnose the root causes of errors in novice programming assignments even when the novice's code is significantly different from the correct implementation provided by the instructor. They do this by collecting traces of the programs' execution and reasoning about them symbolically to figure out why the final states of variables differ, regardless of the paths taken to create those variables.

This may seem like magic, but the methods used are well established. What they aren't is part of the usual undergraduate curriculum. I suspect this is due to the mathematical sophistication they require, but in truth, there is nothing here more complicated than the partial differential equations commonly taught in the junior or senior year of most engineering programs.

What really made this paper for me, though, was that the authors didn't stop once they had built a complex tool: they assessed its real-world utility by examining some programs found on the web, and then did a small controlled experiment to see whether the feedback provided by the tool helped novice programmers finish assignments faster. All together, this is a wonderful exemplar of how theory can guide the implementation of new things, which can then be assessed empirically—in short, of how engineering ought to be done.

(no subject)

Oct. 1st, 2016 10:06 am
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I am traveling A LOT this next month and a half, so most of what I am reading is a.) Kindle-enabled and b.) of the generally comforting variety that makes you feel better about life while you're stuck on an airplane and your brain is only half-working.

Barking Up the Right Tree is therefore exactly the kind of thing I want to be reading right now, being a cute contemporary romance novella that centers around:

a.) lots of lovely descriptions of all the beautiful autumn stuff that I'm missing out on this year by being constantly on a plane
b.) lots of lovely descriptions of really delicious-sounding baked goods

Lilly Grant is a good friend, which is an excellent thing for me because I find contemporary romance very hit-or-miss generally and otherwise would probably not have discovered this novella and known that it is exactly what I want to be reading right now! So, I mean, I am deeply biased, but also: it's 100% great. I'm not even a dog person and I'm super charmed by everything that happens; if you ARE a dog person, I'm fairly sure this will be your jam. Also if you are a tech person frustrated by obligatory long hours and the overwhelming presence of tech bros. Or a person who loves delicious baked goods. Or, generally, a person who loves cute tropey rom-coms.

(NB: The novella is not the sexy kind of romance novella, it's very rom-com PG-13 levels, which I mention because I know it will be a bug for some of you and a feature for others!)

Plastic Razor Blades

Sep. 30th, 2016 11:56 pm
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Posted by mark

LarryA2010 wrote our favorite comment of the week. He will receive a copy of the Cool Tools Catalog. Thanks, Larry!

Here’s his comment (about the Razor Blade Safety Glass Scraper)

I don’t see this as anything “cool” or out of the ordinary. What I did find cool, and useful, was the ScrapeRite Plastic Razor Blades. A much more common problem than decals on windshields, which you deal with, at most, once a year, is those virtually unremovable price stickers and jar labels on PLASTIC. You can’t use an ordinary razor blade on plastic.These plastic blades work a lot better than a fingernail or butter knife. I had to sharpen the edges with 1000 grit wet-or-dry first, and then they worked fantastically. I have to often apply a little naphtha to help it along, and then wipe with naphtha to remove any residue. It is the only readily available solvent that does not dissolve plastic. The plastic holder that comes with them is a piece of crap (can I say that?). It opens up while in use. I usually just hold one in my fingers. I haven’ tried fitting one in the above scraper but they are the same size as single-edge blades so would probably fit.

-- LarryA2010

Scraperite Plastic Razor Blades with Holder ($8)

International Amazon link

Available from Amazon

Zarathustra Is Back

Oct. 1st, 2016 01:35 pm
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Posted by John Holbo

On Beyond Zarathustra is back! The exuberant lad has been on hiatus since the end of July. (August and September made alternate, non-negotiable demands.) But my friend Joshua Glenn (buy his book!) inquired kindly after Z’s health, wondering whether I would like to showcase my restoration work at his site, Hilobrow. I said yes and set to work on 15 fresh pages, which are being serialized daily. We are up to day 7, so I’m telling you so!


You want the rest? Then shoo, you!

In a couple weeks I’ll have ‘em all up on Flickr and Tapastic, with the rest. And that will bring us to the end of Zarathustra’s Prologue, Section 3. Next up: the Rope Dancer! 2000 or so more pages to go, all in all.

I’ve been reading Dr. Seuss and Mr. Geisel: A Biography, by Judith and Neil Morgan, and Dr. Seuss, American Icon, edited by Philip Nel. Interesting stuff! Of course, Seuss and Nietzsche worked independently. There is no evidence that Seuss ripped Nietzsche off, despite the similarity in graphical and poetic styles.

Here’s a passage from the Morgans about The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T, dear to my heart. First, we hear about how hard Geisel worked on it – how much he wanted it to be a wonderful marriage of Seuss and Hollywood. But it didn’t work out:

The first sneak preview of The 5,000 Fingers was in a suburban Los Angeles theater in January 1953. Ted had tried to forget the film by focusing on finishing his book, but both he and Helen [his wife] yearned for a flicker of hope, and they drove up for the evening. It turned out to be a scene of acute professional embarrassment that haunted Ted for the rest of his life. Fifteen minutes into the movie the preview audience began filing out. Ted recalled, “At the end there were only five people left besides Kramer and our staff. It was a disaster. Careers were ruined.” For him it was “the worst evening of my life.” Helen agreed that it was “as bad as we had anticipated”; she desperately wanted to get Ted “to some foreign land” when the film was released so that he would not be dragged down by the wave of critical rejection that both expected.

Interesting the way its cult reputation has risen over time. It’s got a solid 7.0 rating in IMDb. It’s not just me. It’s obviously a flawed film, but so unique!

Yuletide Sign-Ups Are Now Open

Oct. 1st, 2016 10:02 pm
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Please read this post carefully, even if you have signed up before.


You can make 3-6 requests, each in a different fandom.

For each fandom, you can request 0 to 4 (nominated) characters.
If you request 0 characters, your writer may write about any of the nominated characters they want, or about the fandom universe in general.
You may not request 0 characters and then insist on specific characters (nominated or not) in your optional details.

Optional Details

"Optional details" = the space on the form where you can give extra information about the kind of story you want to receive. Optional details are optional (ODAO)! You don't have to write anything here, and your writer doesn't have to include any of the details listed as “optional details" in their story.

It is a good idea to warn your writer of any triggers or squicks in your Optional Details. Writers are expected to take note of these Do-Not-Wants (DNWs) and make a good-faith effort to avoid them. If they post a story that disregards DNWs, they may be penalised at the discretion of the mods.

If you would be happy with a gift that does not use all of your selected characters, please make this clear in your optional details.

“Optional details" are meant to allow a writer to understand some of your favorite things so they can better craft a story for you. But please don’t expect any specific prompts to be followed.

Please use minimal html in the optional details field. Rich media causes problems (and won’t appear if you are sent out as a pinch hit).

More explanation and details about optional details


You can make 4-10 offers with 2-8 specific characters in each.

If you want to offer a fandom that has 0-1 characters available, tick the "Any" box instead of specifying characters.

You can also tick the “Any” box for characters if you are willing to offer all of the characters in the tag set for that fandom. This means that you are fine with writing any combination of the nominated characters.

If you have multiple fandoms in which you want to offer to write Any nominated characters, you can make your last offer a "Bucket List". How to do a bucket offer? Please do not put more than 20 fandoms in a bucket offer.

The Optional Tags field is only used for bucket offers. Please don’t try to use it for any other information.

How to Sign Up

You can find Yuletide sign-ups here. Signups will remain open until 9am UTC on 10 October (check what that is in your time zone). You will be able to edit your sign-up until then.

There is a screencast guide to signing up, with transcript (thanks to Morbane and Moriann). There is also more info and tutorials linked in the faq about how to sign up.

Only fandoms and characters in the 2016 tag set are available to offer and request.

The autocomplete on the fandom and character fields of the form will draw from this year’s tag set. When you input a fandom name, all characters available for that fandom should come up in the autocomplete. There is a known bug where some characters don't appear in the autocomplete. Please make sure you check the tag set before offering or requesting the fandom. If a character listed on the tag set does not come up as you type under the appropriate fandom, you can copy & paste their tag from the tag set. The form will submit correctly so long as you ensure that the tag matches exactly.

How Character Matching Works

Read more... )

Signup Summary

The list of requested/offered fandoms will be available after five people have signed up. Bucket offers do not show up in the list (due to current AO3 code). Checking the sign-up summary for people you may be able to write for is a good idea - although many people sign up at the last minute.

Fandoms at 1-1 may mean that the same person is offering and requesting the fandom, not that there is a match.

linkspam is WithHer

Sep. 30th, 2016 11:18 pm
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Has anyone noticed an odd lack of campaign signs in people's front yards? Not just me, I think?

In other political news, I ordered a set of shattered glass ceiling shot-glasses. Hopefully, they will arrive in time to be used on Election Night.


I loved this: GQ gets seriously trolled for its sexism by Outdoor Research. This is priceless.


It's probably not news by now that the Trump family uses the Trump Foundation as a piggybank.

This comment about how Trump lost a 100-year-old immigrant's vote by being, basically, himself. So great.

Alexandra Petri is a national treasure. That is all. Maybe, just this once, America saw a man yammer on for an hour and a half about a subject he knew nothing about to a woman who had spent her lifetime in that field, and America said, "Oh," quietly, to itself. Maybe.

If you've always wondered why Obama wasn't able to shut down the NSA's spying and drone warfare. The ultimate problem is the pervasive political ignorance on the part of the American people.


This music video by a bunch of Australian high school kids makes me want to cry. So much hope for the world.

Why are energy billionaires spending millions to develop coal in a pristine Alaskan wilderness?

Nice interview with the author of Hidden Figures about the book and the history behind it. (Soon to be a movie!) Also, gotta love the editorial correction at the bottom... sigh

Oh, the hazards of free-range farming. Warning for animal harm. (I'm thinking, maybe a bunch of big dogs?)

This is an amazing story about wild geologic and oceanic events in Alaska. The earth is a WEIRD place, y'all.

Grey gloves (Phase 1)

Oct. 1st, 2016 05:54 am
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This is crossposted from Curiousity.ca, my personal maker blog. If you want to link to this post, please use the original link since the formatting there is usually better.

Grey gloves for J

I’ve been on a bit of a finishing spree, pulling out older projects. This one technically isn’t finished yet, since I’ll be putting a finger cover to make them convertible gloves, but since I gave them to J to try out in case it’s cool while he’s traveling east I figure they’re finished for now!

These were started in the spring, but abandoned when it got too warm for them to be useful. It’s still too warm, but I wanted to make sure they were done before it actually got cold.

Pattern: Line by Line mittens. This is a bit of a silly pattern to use with a solid grey yarn, but I had a copy (I think maybe it was a giveaway once?) and it has a size that’s suitable for J. Since this wasn’t a surprise, I got J to choose how long to make the fingers, so it’s not exactly to pattern.

Yarn: Misti Tui from Misti Alpaca. Sport weight, chains of thin alpaca. This is the same type of yarn I used for my Easy Kitty Hat. It’s probably not ideal for gloves, but it’s so soft and easy to stuff in a pocket that I thought J might enjoy some gloves out of it and offered to make them.

I don’t know if I’d recommend it for gloves in general because I doubt it’s super hardy, but so soft, and if they got worn out it’s not too hard to patch them up or make more.

What Remains

Oct. 1st, 2016 05:12 am
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Posted by webmaster

ON 11 MARCH 2011, the Japanese city of Fukushima suffered three consecutive disasters. On 11 March, the city was hit by an earthquake, which triggered a tsunami. The waves knocked out the cooling systems of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, causing fuel rods to melt down and release deadly radiation. In the coming weeks, a total of 470,000 people were evacuated, and an “exclusion zone” was created, with a radius of 20 kilometres from the plant. Five years on, the effects of these tragedies are still being felt in the surrounding region.

When the American photographer Brian Driscoll first visited Fukushima, in 2012, it was not to take pictures, but to visit a friend. But on witnessing the impact of the 2011 tragedy, he decided to return to document the lives of those affected by it. Driscoll spent six weeks in 2014 working on the project—which he titled Life Within 90km, as all his photos were taken no farther than 90 kilometres from the plant.

He spent his first week at Aizu, a community centre in Fukushima “for people who are deeply troubled by what has happened,” talking to residents over tea and snacks. Some were uncomfortable having their photos taken, but even they were eager to speak about their lives. Most residents were angry about how the government had handled the situation. Besides the trauma of the disasters and forced relocation, their key concern was radiation—how it might affect their bodies, crops and livestock, and the water flowing down from nearby mountains.

Driscoll made heavy use of portraits, which he believes have a strong impact while also leaving “room for viewers to think.” With the help of one of the plant’s former security guards, the photographer gained access to the exclusion zone, and spent around ten hours working there in all. He decided to shoot mostly with a film camera, because it forced him to slow down and he felt the subject demanded that he take his time.

The project is unfinished, and Driscoll plans to continue with the work. He does not think that the reportage on the disasters has been extensive enough, and said he would like to see more stories on the communities and people of Fukushima.

The post What Remains appeared first on The Caravan.

Code push tomorrow!

Sep. 30th, 2016 11:02 pm
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[staff profile] karzilla posting in [site community profile] dw_maintenance
We are planning to do a code push around 21 hours from now, at approximately 6pm Pacific time on Saturday, Oct 1.

Here's a partial list of changes that will go live with this push, apart from the usual minor tweaks and bugfixes:

  • Selective Screening, a new feature that lets you screen comments from a particular user.

  • Two new journal layouts with one theme each: Gold Leaf/Elegant Notebook and Venture/Radiant Aqua.

  • Six new themes for Heads Up, and seven new themes for Corinthian.

  • The minimal spacing between line elements in the list of success links on Foundation pages has been restored.

  • Punctuation marks in message subjects will no longer be overescaped.

  • The admin pages for the translation system are now hidden from anonymous viewers, to avoid scaring unsuspecting search engine users away from the site.

  • The text messaging feature has been removed from user profiles.

  • The email notification worker is now less likely to misbehave.

We'll update again to let you know when the code push is in progress!

Standup v2: system test

Sep. 20th, 2016 03:00 pm
[syndicated profile] willkahngreene_feed

Posted by Will Kahn-Greene

What is Standup?

Standup is a system for capturing standup-style posts from individuals making it easier to see what's going on for teams and projects. It has an associated IRC bot standups for posting messages from IRC.

Join us for a Standup v2 system test!

Paul and I did a ground-up rewrite of the Standup web-app to transition from Persona to GitHub auth, release us from the shackles of the old architecture and usher in a new era for Standup and its users.

We're done with the most minimal of minimal viable products. It's missing some features that the current Standup has mostly around team management, but otherwise it's the same-ish down to the lavish shade of purple in the header that Rehan graced the site with so long ago.

If you're a Standup user, we need your help testing Standup v2 on the -stage environment before Thursday, September 22nd, 2016!

We've thrown together a GitHub issue to (ab)use as a forum for test results and working out what needs to get fixed before we push Standup v2 to production. It's got instructions that should cover everything you need to know.

Why you would want to help:

  1. You get to see Standup v2 before it rolls out and point out anything that's missing that affects you.

  2. You get a chance to discover parts of Standup you may not have known about previously.

  3. This is a chance for you to lend a hand on this community project that helps you which we're all working on in our free time.

  4. Once we get Standup v2 up, there are a bunch of things we can do with Standup that will make it more useful. Freddy is itching to fix IRC-related issues and wants https support [1]. I want to implement user API tokens, a cli and search. Paul want's to have better weekly team reports and project pages.

    There are others listed in the issue tracker and some that we never wrote down.

    We need to get over the Standup v2 hurdle first.

Why you wouldn't want to help:

  1. You're on PTO.

    Stop reading--enjoy that PTO!

  2. It's the end of the quarter and you're swamped.

    Sounds like you're short on time. Spare a minute and do something in the Short on time, but want to help anyhow? section.

  3. You're looking to stop using Standup.

    I'd love to know what you're planning to switch to. If we can meet peoples' needs with some other service, that's more free time for me and Paul.

  4. Some fourth thing I lack the imagination to think of.

    If you have some other blocker to helping, toss me an email.

Hooray for the impending Standup v2!

[1]This is in progress--we're just waiting for a cert.

i love joan watson

Sep. 30th, 2016 08:04 pm
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--She wears the MOST amazing outfits. Classy and fashionable and still comfortable looking.
--She is devoted to her work, but has changed careers twice, going from being a surgeon to a sober companion to a detective.
--She likes to sleep in. We often see Sherlock waking her up and she's clearly not a morning person.
--Brilliant in several ways, and calls Sherlock on his BS. I love watching their relationship evolve
--She's single for most of the time we see her. When struggling with whether to pursue a monogamous relationship and get more serious with her boyfriend, Sherlock advises her not to; that she is not made for that kind of relationships and that she's more interesting as she is. Both Joan and Sherlock are misfits. Their families and even their friends don't always understand them.
--She follows her instincts, and is sometimes wrong. She moves forward.

n.b. I haven't seen the more recent episdoes of Elementary because I'm ~~saving~~ them.

Zaatar Baked Chicken

Sep. 30th, 2016 05:00 pm
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Oh look, content! I have been thinking about posting here for weeks, but it turns out the only thing that can make me do it is food.

Zaatar is a Middle-Eastern herb/spice mix most often served, in my admittedly limited experience, with warm pita bread. It's lovely that way, but it's also lovely in other ways. This is my favorite.

Zaatar Baked Chicken

1 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp sumac
1 tbsp sesame seeds
1 tbsp dried thyme (or 1 tbsp fresh)
1 tsp salt
1 - 1 1/2 lbs chicken pieces (I like skin-on bone-in for flavor, but you do you. Can be an assortment or all breasts, thighs, drumsticks, whatever.)

Preheat the oven to 450.

In a roasting pan, drizzle and/or brush the olive oil. You want a nice coating so the chicken doesn't stick.

Dump the chicken out of the package and onto some paper towels. Pat dry. Place them in the pan on their little oil slicks.

In a mortar, grind the sesame seeds a little so they split. Mix with the sumac, thyme, and salt. Sprinkle about half of the zaatar mixture onto the chicken, and pop it into the oven for 15-25 minutes, depending on how big the chicken pieces are and how slow your oven is (mine is sloooowww). You want the top to be starting to brown.

When your kitchen smells irresistible and there's a little browning going on, remove the pan, flip over your chicken pieces with tongs, and sprinkle the rest of the zaatar on the newly-exposed bits. It's okay if you have some zaatar left over -- it keeps nicely in a sealed container.

Turn down the oven to 350 and put the chicken back in. Bake for another 15-20 mins or so. Let stand 5-10 minutes before serving.

I like to serve this with rice and some simply-prepared boiled or steamed greens (maybe with a little lemon juice), and pour the pan juices over everything. Mmmm, schmaltz.
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Every few months, I run through [site community profile] changelog compiling a list of who has been contributing patches to our code repository, with the understanding that this is not a competition, or any sort of "high score" list. It's intended as a guide for casual developers, to discern not only our most prolific contributors, but also those who have contributed to the project most recently and therefore would be more likely to provide a timely, informed response to development questions. That is why the list is sorted by "Latest" instead of "Changes".

In general, one commit on Github equals one point in the "Changes" column, but fractional points are awarded for collaborative efforts — the most common example being a new S2 theme, where usually half credit is awarded to the theme author and the other half to the person who converts the theme into a code patch. Due to the nature of development, some changes are massive contributions of new code, and others are tiny tweaks; there is no correlation with the amount of effort involved. We are grateful to everyone who helps to improve Dreamwidth, in ways large or small.

I last compiled this list at the beginning of April. Since that time, we have welcomed five new contributors: [github.com profile] dfabulich, [personal profile] phidari, [personal profile] wohali, [personal profile] pinterface, and [personal profile] onlyembers. Congratulations and thank you again!

  #  User                      Changes     Latest
  1. kareila                      1030     Fri Sep 30 19:09:51 2016 UTC
  2. woggy                          17     Thu Sep 29 22:26:43 2016 UTC
  3. momijizukamori             224.16     Thu Sep 29 19:58:05 2016 UTC
  4. onlyembers                    0.5     Thu Sep 29 19:58:05 2016 UTC
  5. pinterface                   15.5     Sat Sep 24 00:19:48 2016 UTC
  6. wohali                          1     Wed Aug 31 14:12:26 2016 UTC
  7. hotlevel4                      52     Fri Jul 15 22:39:55 2016 UTC
  8. kaberett                       44     Thu Jul 14 14:59:58 2016 UTC
  9. mark                        552.5     Mon Jun 27 04:24:47 2016 UTC
 10. phidari                         2     Sat Jun 18 21:14:12 2016 UTC

 11. cesy                        29.83     Sat Jun 18 15:28:34 2016 UTC
 12. chrisboyle                     15     Sun May 15 12:08:22 2016 UTC
 13. me_and                         36     Sun May 15 11:33:08 2016 UTC
 14. dfabulich                       1     Mon Apr 25 19:53:40 2016 UTC
 15. alierak                      19.5     Sun Apr 10 22:41:50 2016 UTC
 16. azurelunatic                    8     Mon Mar 28 05:54:30 2016 UTC
 17. srukle                          7     Wed Mar 23 16:44:54 2016 UTC
 18. sgsabbage                      17     Wed Feb 24 20:45:39 2016 UTC
 19. sophie                         58     Sun Feb 14 18:19:32 2016 UTC
 20. ljacob                          1     Sat Nov 07 12:13:45 2015 UTC
The rest of the list... (159 total) )


Sep. 30th, 2016 06:30 pm
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Well, Ligature Works was all set to lunch after launch… wait, strike that. Reverse it. I just had a few last minute adjustments to make and then I could shove the whole thing out the door and do some writing of my own.

Then, disaster.

I had been playing with a magazine issue management plug-in since I set up the LW website, you see, and I had done everything in it except publish an issue. I had the issue set up. I had formatted all of the poems and stories for it. I had configured all the settings. I got to the point of launching it when I realized: all the posts I’d written were not connected to the magazine. It had its parallel infrastructure for issues. I wondered how I’d missed that, but no big deal. Copying them over would add some work, but not much.

Then I realized how I’d missed it: there was no link, no menu, no option or button anywhere, for adding articles to the magazine. Something was broken or missing. I tried for a while to figure it out, look for a companion plugin I was supposed to have installed, a setting that had to be turned on. Nothing. Checked the help guide, website, etc. Nothing.

So at the last minute, I had to find a whole new plugin, learn how to use it, and get everything set up again. It took up quite a bit of time this afternoon. I had blocked out an hour for finishing the Ligature Works launch; it took six.

But! The deed is done. The die is cast. The issue is out. It’s live. It lives.


My plans for the rest of the afternoon and evening were shot by this, which means my plans for wrapping up the month of September are also kind of shot. I’ve got a lot of stuff of my own I was going to polish and publish today, but the only thing that made it out the door is the latest installment of Making Out Like Bandits. I’m kind of thinking to myself, “So much for finishing the month on a high note”, but… I did just publish a zine?

I’m mentally, emotionally, and even slightly physically exhausted now. There’s still more to do. Promotion. Figuring out the next issue’s submission window, revising our guidelines both to incorporate the lessons we learned and make them more approachable, and of course, sending out payments. I hope our contributors won’t mind if that waits until morning, though. Right now I really need to get away from the computer and out of the house for a bit.

Originally published at Blue Author Is About To Write.

New Long List Anthology Kickstarter

Sep. 30th, 2016 09:00 pm
[syndicated profile] annleckie_feed

Posted by Ann

Hey, do you all remember last year when David Steffen successfully kickstarted the Long List Anthology? He’s doing it again this year, and like last year it’s going to be full of fabulous fiction–including, this year, my novelette “Another Word for World” if the KS makes its novelette stretch goal.

Check it out:

The purpose of the Long List Anthology is to celebrate more of the fiction that was loved by the Hugo Award voting audience. Every year, besides the well-known final ballot, there is a lesser-known longer list of nominated works. The purpose of this anthology is to put a bunch these stories in a package to make them easy for readers to find, so you can put them on your bookshelf or load them up on your e-reader. The goal here is to widen that celebration of great fan-loved fiction.This will be the second volume of the Long List Anthology. Last year’s volume was a huge success, reaching the base goal in a couple days, and the stretch goals for novelettes and novellas not long after, and up into audiobook stretch goals after that. It has sold close to 10,000 copies, appeared in Amazon’s top 100 paid books for a time, and still continues to sell copies steadily almost a year later.

The base funding goal will include the Short Story category only. Stretch goals will expand the anthology to include novelettes , and then novellas.

Ebook copies will be available in EPUB, MOBI, and PDF.

It’s already a fabulous ToC without the stretch goals–we’re talking Ursula Vernon, Amal El-Mohtar, Alyssa Wong, and I could keep going and piling on the awesome. And two of the pieces are letters from the award winning and just generally well received Letters to Tiptree.

With the novelette stretch goal, there’s Rose Lemberg, Elizabeth Bear, Cat Valente, Naomi Kritzer, and Tamsyn Muir. And if the novella stretch goal is met, we’re talking Usman T. Malik and Kai Ashante Wilson.

As I post this, the base goal is very close to being met. But how much more awesome would it be to have the novelettes and the two novellas in there? Pretty awesome, is what I’m thinking.

If this sounds cool to you, and it’s something within your means at the moment, please consider supporting. Personally I think the entire Long List project is an excellent one, and I’m hoping it continues.

The post New Long List Anthology Kickstarter appeared first on Ann Leckie.

End of basketball

Sep. 30th, 2016 09:33 pm
[syndicated profile] incrementum_feed

Posted by Mary

V did basketball lessons for about a year, last year in Glebe and this year in Five Dock. The Five Dock ones were a big improvement over the Glebe ones: lots more kids, especially around his age, and a coaching group dedicated to his age too.

As far as I could tell he quite enjoyed the lessons while he was there, and knew a lot of kids there to talk too, but there’s no competition for children his age, and he complained regularly that basketball is his least favourite sport, and couldn’t he do soccer? Please? Soccer? We missed this year’s soccer season, but he’ll probably want to do it next year. Almost every kid around here is in the local soccer comp. In the meantime, he’s doing Little Athletics over summer with a friend from his former school, and when I found out Little Athletics has training that clashes with basketball lessons, he wasn’t sorry at all.

Here’s where he got to skills-wise a few weeks before he finished up the basketball lessons:

Shooting hoops
Video: Shooting hoops

He didn’t shoot nearly that well when playing 3-on-3 or 2-on-2, but it’s a big change over the random lobbing he was doing when he started lessons last year!


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