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This is a crosspost from Infotropism. You can comment here or there.

As I mentioned earlier today, I’m off to Europe shortly for AdaCamp Berlin, then in November I’m going to India for AdaCamp Bangalore. I’ll be leading both events, which means I get to welcome everyone and set the stage for the unconference, make sure the sessions and workshops run smoothly, and that the culture of AdaCamp meets its usual high standards.

The Ada Initiative just posted this announcement and interview where I talk a bit about my experience with AdaCamp, running various community events, and what I’ll bring to these ones.

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This is a crosspost from Infotropism. You can comment here or there.

I haven’t mentioned this on here yet so I thought I’d better do so before I actually, you know, board the plane.

I’m heading over to Europe next week and the week after. The main reason I’m going is AdaCamp in Berlin, which I will be helping run, but before and after that I’ll also be spending some time in the UK and running this Growstuff event, to get stuck into some serious code with some of our UK-based developers, in London on Oct 18-19.

If you are in the UK and are interested in food innovation, open data, technology for social good, sustainability, inclusive open source projects, or related fields, I would love to meet you! If you can’t make it to the Growstuff code sprint but would like to catch up for a coffee or something, drop me a line.

Wednesday reading, and linkspam

Oct. 1st, 2014 07:07 pm
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It's Wednesday, so it's time for a reading update.

Recent reading: I burned through Elmer Gantry by Sinclair Lewis for book club last week. It was suprisingly good, although a bit repetitive. It's also surprisingly modern: I guess the use of religion for monetary and political gain is hardly a new thing in the US, or really anywhere, anytime.

Currently reading: For some reason I decided I needed to reread the Montmaray novels by Michelle Cooper. So right now I'm about halfway through FitzOsbornes at War, and girding myself for tragedy. These are so good, though. I love them all, even Aunt Charlotte. And the Colonel, who has no first name!

Frankly, I don't understand why nobody has optioned these for a movie or miniseries: they have great characters and a vivid, dramatic setting.

Next up: Probably Locked In by John Scalzi, which I got from the library. I've had only middling success with his stuff in the past, but I'm hearing good things about this one. I shall report back!


Oh, cool: how to make homemade ginger beer. That might be a fun thing to experiment with...

I may have to try this homemade noodle soup cup thing.

Stumbled across this in a thread on MeFi about food. I don't know whether Wodehouse would be chuffed, or appalled.

Ah, the advent of slow tv.

Diana Athill on being 96 and not fearing death. (link via the Toast)

The New Yorker has a depressing explanation for why we don't have cures for many tropical diseases. Of course, it's all about the money.


In other news, I was just told that the organization where I am employed as a contractor has just gotten approval to begin the hiring process for the position I am filling for them. Which means that, one way or another, I will be changing jobs at some point. Either they hire me directly and cancel the contract, or hire someone else and cancel the contract. But possibly not soon: it can take them months and months and months to get through the approvals to post the announcement, and then more months to decide who to hire. I will probably apply for it, but I'm glad I'm already sending out applications for other positions. At least I won't be caught off-guard (this time), and if I get another offer before they make a decision, well that's just too bad for them.

Poem: "Devoiced, Envoicing"

Oct. 1st, 2014 08:37 pm
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Day 7 of laryngitis:
paper as assistive tech
makes speech corporeal,
past words wadded up
like used tissues.

New pet peeve:
people calling me on the phone
when they know I have laryngitis.
What are they expecting?
(I reject call, text back
I am all-textual
genie of the text)

I start wearing a 'BTW' post-it
with "I've got laryngitis"
stuck to my chest
that I can point to in lieu
of pointing at my neck
and making a funny face.

(Maybe I should put that
in my voicemail message?
Oh wait)

Somewhere between farce
and frustration, scribbled text
and gestured connotation,
I persist:
I make myself heard

my sentences, unmoored
from my mouth, persist beyond me

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

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Oct. 1st, 2014 09:21 pm
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Gabe is so unimpressed by her complete lack of manners. Read more... )

a short public service announcement

Oct. 1st, 2014 04:30 pm
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So the more astute of my friends have noticed that I walk with a limp. I have done, on and off, for about six months, and the reason why has just come to light. Which is also the reason why - somewhat circuitously - this is a public post.

My friends, let me talk to you about vitamin D deficiency. cut for medical stuff )

The slight drawback - it will take six months before the level builds up in my body to the bottom end of average. So - six months of hobbling, hurrah. But - on the other hand, six months of hobbling, and otherwise my body runs smoothly and calmly, so I shan't complain. (And despite feeling like crap, I have managed my job and commute and run around London chasing my lawyers, and mostly worked from home rather than take sick days, so I'm a little bit proud of self. Have crashed and burned a bit on writing this week, but I'm trying to be nice to self, also.)

And the thing is: vitamin D deficiency is very common. For people - even white people - living in northern Europe, it's actually very difficult to absorb enough of it from diet and sunlight to meet the required levels. (My GP also wants to run a study tracking vitamin D deficiency against climate change.) So this is the public service announcement she asked me to make: are you a brown person feeling crappy? You're probably vitamin D deficient! However, it's very easily curable.

Also: please be patient with me? I am not an exceptionally good correspondent at the moment.

Wednesday, October 1st

Oct. 1st, 2014 07:10 am
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The Daily Report

Well, it's the start of the month. Between this and a very definite sense of transition if not closure that I got after receiving Dorian's remains yesterday, today has such a strong feeling of being a beginning that it took me three tries to not type "Monday" up there in the subject line. I'm also about a week away from the one year anniversary of the move, which is kind of bittersweet to think about under the circumstances, so I'm kind of not going to focus on it. Instead, onward.

This month I'll be re-focusing on Patreon. I'll confess to having gotten a little gunshy, despite my initial enthusiasm, after so many months of an inconsistent timing and method for the payout. I always did get paid, just not in a way that made it possible to plan my bill payments and things for the month. But! Last month they announced a resolution for this, and while it will take a few months in a row before I can fully trust it, I think it's time to start seizing the potential it creates. Despite my lack of promotion, there were a spate of new subscribers in September, and we're now very close to the next milestone (at $388 of $400), at which point I'll be implementing ad-free logins for patrons on Tales of MU. I think it'll be easier to sell new people on it at that point, as there will be a more immediate tangible benefit.

I'm also committing to releasing the first test version of Adventure Song at the end of the month. This is something that's difficult for me, so I'm holding myself to a motto of "playable, not finished".

The State of the Me

Doing okay. Had some mild insomnia last night.

Plans For Today

This morning I'm going to be compiling Omnibus VI. Part of the problem I ran into last month--even before the big life-changing thing--was that I was trying to jump in and plow through the whole thing the way I've done when I'm already on a roll, book formatting wise. At my best, I've done fifty or sixty chapters worth of compilation and formatting in a two hour block, but trying to commit to that out of nowhere just ends up feeling daunting. I think when moving between tasks, I need to be more tortoise than hare.

In the early afternoon, I'm going to be continuing to do some of the getting things done around the house that I started the other week. I made a whole lot of progress in the days after Dorian's death in getting things unpacked and set up and moved around, but I've begun to fall back into the same malaise-y habits of my life before.

Late afternoon will be writing.

What I've been watching and stuff!

Oct. 1st, 2014 04:36 pm
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Guild Wars 2: Level 75! The level cap is 80 so I'm curious to see what the game's like once I hit that point. Overall still very much enjoying it, though the personal story, while enjoyable, fits a little awkwardly into the larger world. I visit a peaceful fort, enter the personal story, watch the fort get overwhelmed by zombies, make a hasty retreat...and exit the personal story into the same fort, just as peaceful as when I entered. And since there's no equivalent to Dragon Age's party banter etc the relationships seem very thin despite declarations of deep friendship from anyone you have enough adventures with. Also: too many zombies. I don't like zombies.

Sleepy Hollow: An episode behind but found the season opener very thrilling and enjoyable!

Gotham: has potential but was kind of cheesy and meh. Having the people who would become poison ivy, cat woman, batman, the penguin, and the riddler all HAPPEN to be involved in the same case felt contrived. Have to see where they go from here.

Sailor Moon Crystal: still enjoying, though it's pretty flawed.

Monthly Girl's Nozaki-kun: hilarious and charming to the end. Also MASSIVELY heteronormative, but, shoujo.

Day Break Illusion: cheesy and cutesy but also angsty, no thank you. (Yes I liked Madoka and Princess Tutu, but they worked for me and this didn't)

....and probably other things but this will do.

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Oct. 1st, 2014 12:12 am
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Ginny watches the rain outside and thinks: glad I suckered them into keeping me
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So today I had to go downtown to the building where they keep older court records for work-related reasons, and omg, getting to the records room is such a horror movie creepy process. At first it's just your average, rundown and dingy government building. But to get to the archive room, you have to take the elevator to the basement. And then, when you're in the basement, you have to take an escalator to an even lower level of the basement, where the archive room is.

There's an almost imperceptible but undeniable difference in florescent lighting that's above ground and florescent lighting that's below ground. Despite the width and copious number of the hallways, that lighting turns the whole basement into a claustrophobic nightmare. On top of that, this basement is every horror movie cliche about ominous institutional basements. Boxes and random shit everywhere, a labyrinthine and nonsensical hallway layout, flickering lighting, weird inexplicable mechanical noises, super old and dirty elevators, and practically nothing to orient you but the occasional sign pointing helpfully to where the archive room is. And then when you're almost at the archive room, you start to hear the staticky, distant sound of the radio. This would be fine! Nice waiting room music while you wait hours for your records request to be filled, great! NO. The music sounds distant and staticky everywhere, always just on the edge of intelligibility. And I submit to you, is there anything creepier than the sound of a distant radio when you are wandering harshly lit dirty hallways alone? NO.

Anyway, the archive room itself is perfectly fine and boring and bureaucratic. There's no wifi down there, but my phone still got signal. Leaving the archive room to get back to the warm light of day though...somehow, it is way creepier trying to leave that godforsaken basement than it is entering it. The EXIT signage is sparse and confusing, and a lifetime of horror movies asserts itself to fill your mind with urgent instructions to GET OUT ASAP. Whereas I saw and heard people on my way in, the hallways were empty on my way out until I reached the elevator. The super dirty, how-is-this-still-running elevator. I fled for the safety of daylight as fast as was dignified.

Ugh, they should put in a haunted house down there, I'm sure the city could use the revenue and you wouldn't have to do much to turn it into the stuff of horror movies. Stick some actors in there, pipe in some more creepy noises and add some slightly disturbing props, and voila.
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This is a crosspost from Infotropism. You can comment here or there.

tl;dr – if we usually talk on IM/GTalk you won’t see me around any more. Use IRC, email, or other mechanisms (listed at bottom of this post) to contact me.

Background: Google stopped supporting open standards for IM a few years ago.

Other background: when I changed my name in 2011 I grabbed a GMail account with that name, just in case it would be useful. I didn’t use it, though — instead I forwarded any mail from it to my actual email address, the one I’ve had since the turn of the century:, and set that address as my default for everything I could find.

Unfortunately Google didn’t honour those preferences, and kept exposing my unused GMail address to people. When I signed up for Google Groups, it would be exposed. When I shared Google Docs, it would be exposed. I presume it was being exposed all kinds of other ways, too, because people kept seeing my GMail address and thinking it was the right way to contact me. So in addition to the forwarding I also set up a vacation reminder telling anyone who emailed me there to use my actual address and not to use the Google one.

But Google wasn’t done yet. They kept dropping stuff into my GMail account and not forwarding it. Comments on Google docs. Invitations. Administrative notices. IM logs that I most definitely did not want archived. These were all piling up silently in an account I never logged into.

Eventually, after I missed out on several messages from a volunteer offering to help with Growstuff, I got fed up and found out how to completely delete a GMail account. I did this few weeks ago.

Fast forward to last night, when my Internet connection flaked out right before I went to bed. I looked at all my disconnected, blank windows, shrugged, and crashed for the night. This morning, everything was better and all my apps set about reconnecting.

Except that Adium, the app I use for instant messaging, was asking me for the GTalk password for Weird, I thought, but I had the password saved in my keychain and resubmitted it. Adium, or more properly GTalk, didn’t like it. I tried a few more times, including resetting my app password (I use two-factor auth). No luck.

Eventually I found the problem. Via this Adium bug report I learned that a GMail account is required to use GTalk. Even if you don’t use (and have never used) your GMail address to login to it, and don’t give people a GMail address to add you as a contact.

So, my choices at this point are:

  1. Sign up again for GMail, continue to have an unused and unwanted email address exposed to the public, miss important messages, and risk security/privacy problems with archiving of stuff I don’t want archived; or,
  2. Set up Jabber/XMPP, which will take a fair amount of messing around (advice NOT wanted, I know what is involved), and which will only let me talk to friends who don’t use GMail/GTalk (a small minority); or,
  3. Not be available on IM.

For now I am going with option 3. If you are used to talking to me via IM at my address, you can now contact me as follows.

IRC: I am Skud on and on some other specialist networks. On Freenode I habitually hang around on #growstuff and intermittently on other channels. Message me any time; if I’m not awake/online I’ll see it when I return.

Email: as ever, or for Growstuff and related work.

Social media: I’m on social media hiatus and won’t be using it to chat at length, but still check mentions/messages semi-regularly.

Text/SMS: If you have my number, you know where to find me.

Voice/video (including phone, Skype, etc): By arrangement. Email me if you want to set something up.

To my good friends who I used to chat to all the time and now won’t see around so much: please let me know if you use Jabber/XMPP and if so what your address is; if you do, then I’ll prioritise getting that set up.

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Sep. 30th, 2014 05:45 pm
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I have 11 completed fanfics to post.

Well, now I have 10.

(Most of them are short and none of them are "new" per se, so I guess enjoy this new one while it lasts, if you can.)

This is fanfic of the film What's Your Number, because I am a shameful person. You may enjoy it even if you haven't seen the film, and I can't really in good conscience recommend you see the film. It's not a good film, you guys.

Title: More Than A Little True
Rating: R
Summary: Colin is going to figure out what Ally's mom's deal is if it kills him.
Warnings: Accidental involuntary drug use; medical issues involving a pregnancy. Nobody dies or is assaulted or more than temporarily unhappy, I promise.

Here at Dreamwidth | Here at AO3

reality bites

Sep. 30th, 2014 11:43 am
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Worked myself up to deciding to just like POWER THROUGH and go on this two week trip to mexico city and bogotá yesterday, started planning. My one moment leaving the house was 15 horribly painful minutes scootering to the mailbox and 2 blocks beyond to test. I could not take sitting up and the rumbling of the sidewalk on my wheels. I have a new (ish) intense/ dull/ sometimes sharp pain in my lower spine, separate from the sacroiliac pain. In theory the steroid burst might kick in over the next few days or week. But I can't face the pain of travel, trying to keep up, managing to get food and going to sit up in offices and stuff and be around strange people trying to front while in this much pain.

Super sad to miss this trip and miss out on meeting new interesting people and participating and throwing in my 2 cents and being feminist power for good etc.

it is going to be embarrassing to call off my trip 1 day after saying to everyone at work that i am doing it.

Benefits (glad game style):
* some double union events i would have otherwise missed (and... frankly might still miss, it still takes me heroic effort to go out, i gotta front tomorrow and then thurs. night if i want to go to pioneer awards, which i do)
* 2 weekends with milo i woud have missed.
* infinite take out food
* uber cabs to places at tip of fingers
* will invite friends to come over
* will not be in in the rain at 7000 feet in bogota or like trying to scooter over cobblestones or some dumb shit like that
* Not like fucking up at my job or losing my job or having to go on disability.
* maybe i will take a day off and work on some poems or a new translation to cheer myself. if it is possible while i'm in this much pain.

OK peace out, i am sad and upset and full of grief.

Not getting younger or any better.

Sad that my ankles were maybe hopeful for a couple of months there and i was starting to almost believe they could " get better" at least a few more notches and enjoying driveing and now I have pretty much no faith in that. Since I have a degenerative arthritis thing and my tendons are like turning into calcified dysfunctional whatever.

Worrying that i will not be able to keep up with 6 weeks of Beta rapid release at work. As usual, I will crap out during the moment of highest stress and crucialness. I have warned my boss about this likelihood a few times. Also, i am very annoyed this is happning right as i was asking for a level up.

Time to shoot up some enbrel for all the fucking good that will do. how can i tell if it is helping or not? fuck.

goal today: less painkiller, but more steady painkiller. had half a tramadol on waking up. Will take another half now. I did the same yesterday but endedu p taking codeine at night. Decreased night neurontin to 300 and ambien to 5mg over last couple of days, i thnk successfully (sleep quality still decent)

this week is fucking fired

Sep. 30th, 2014 02:35 pm
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Today I:

* had to stay awake for 24 hours or so to be awake for the plumber;

* discovered, when sitting down on the guest room bed to chat with the plumber while he worked, that somebody (Gabe) had peed on the bed;

* stripped the bed linens and chucked them in the wash to soak, sprayed the mattress down with Nature's Miracle (it had a waterproof pad on it but that doesn't do much about the smell) and propped it up to dry;

* finally got to bed after the plumber was finished;

* heard, just as I was dozing off, the Leakfrog sounding its HELP HELP I AM IN WATER alert;

* went downstairs to discover the laundry drain sink had ONCE AGAIN backed up and flooded because SOMEBODY forgot to check the drain for lint, naming no names ALL RIGHT IT WAS ME, and had to spend an hour cleaning up the flood.

This week is fucking fired.

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Sep. 30th, 2014 02:31 pm
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This stinkbug is egregious. Read more... )

Adventure Song: The Dual Class Track

Sep. 30th, 2014 11:12 am
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I went back and forth on this many times during the design process. The appeal of the idea is pretty strong for me, and the advantages in regard to my general design goals (deep character customization both during character creation and advancement) are pretty clear, but I also worried about adding another layer of complexity to the game with even the simplest characters having too many special abilities from the get-go and giving players analysis paralysis by giving them too many options, and I was also concerned that I was simply recreating A Wilder World in a different format.

However, in the end, I decided the pros outweighed the cons. Adventure Song uses a dual or hybrid class system.

By this I mean that you select two character classes at level one. Unlike 3E/5E, where your character's overall level is the same as the sum of all your individual class levels, in Adventure Song, you'll have twice as many class levels as character levels.

The logic behind this comes from the idea of having each character class being a fairly pure core idea or high concept behind it. Fighters fight well, archers are the masters of ranged combat, rangers have the most acute senses. To make a classic D&D ranger, you'd combine ranger with archer and/or fighter.

I've gone back and forth on this, as I said. The thing that convinced me to go with it was the realization that the game was actually more complicated without it. Without it, the ranger would either be incomplete as a class, or would have to imperfectly duplicate some of what the archer or fighter did. In order to make the ranger's combat abilities not redundant with the archer or fighter, I'd have to leave holes in what should be some of the broadest, most generalized character concepts. And it would be impossible to make a character with the ranger's sensory and survival abilities without also having the tacked-on fighting abilities.

I also found myself creating three to five branching sub-classes for each character class, so you could tailor your ranger more towards ranged or melee combat, or tailor your cleric more towards being a holy warrior or a healer or a divine spellcaster, and so on. This coupled with a series of "meta class" choices (special abilities you gain based on your overall level, rather than your level in a particular class) was making the game rather crowded with moving pieces.

On the other hand, building the game around the assumption that even "single class" characters will actually choose and advance in two classes side-by-side lets me simplify, lets me strip out all extraneous abilities and skills from each class to focus more on the core concept. I don't need to build branching sub-classes in. I don't need to define the equivalent of feats that let you dip into classes without losing ground with your core class.

The difference between this and AWW's hybrid mash-up system is that Adventure Song is built around the idea that characters can fairly fluidly train into other classes. The ability to dip into other classes, even on a limited basis, simply eliminates a lot of the need for other character options that would occupy entirely new design spaces. If you can just take a level of wizard to get a useful beginner's level of magic, that's all it takes. If you can just take a level of fighter to give your character some credibility as a fighter, that's all it takes. There doesn't need to be a special build of cleric or ranger to add melee fighting to them. There doesn't need to be a special build of ranger to add druid magic.

There are some brakes on acquiring new classes, compared to 3E's almost totally at will multiclassing.

First, since each character level is equal to a new level in two different classes, you can't change both classes at once. That is, if you're a level 1 character who is dragonblood 1/sorcerer 1, you can't become dragonblood 1/sorcerer 1/ranger 1/rogue 1 at level 2. You'd have to advance either dragonblood or sorcerer.

Second, there's a limit to how often and how many times you can take a new class. Currently, I have a "first one is free" approach, but each subsequent new class takes the place of a later character advancement option, essentially being the equivalent of a 5E feat. This is to add an opportunity cost to balance out the static upfront benefits of being a member of a new class, because otherwise if your main class is wizard the dual track means that you could literally take a level of everything else without impeding your development as an arcane spellcaster.

There's also some resource-splitting. The number of limited use powers you gain is pegged to your character level, for instance. Each time you're slated to get one, you can pick one from any character class you belong to with the limit that you can't have more of them than you have levels in that class. So a character who jumps between classes often won't pick up any more turn undead/sneak attack/mighty blow type abilities than a character who doesn't.

And then there's the concept of edges. Edges represent the advantage that high experience characters have over low experience ones. Each time you reach a level where a new edge is gained, you have to make a choice between warrior, mystic, or expert edge. A warrior edge gives your skilled weapon attacks another die of damage. A mystic edge increases your magical power capacity. An expert edge increases your skill checks. Some class features also improve based on the number of edges you have of the right type. Because you have to choose which area to advance in, a character who is split among different character concepts will either lag behind a more dedicated one or can choose their character's focus.

For instance, a character who stays Archer/Ranger throughout their career will be more archer if they pick warrior edge every time and more ranger if they pick expert edge every time.

I've currently got six of D&D's recent core classes drafted as character class pairs:

Fighter: Fighter (frontline combat) and Veteran (survivability and generic adventuring skills)
Rogue: Rogue (sly combat trickster) and Thief (infiltration and criminal skills)
Ranger: Archer (ranged combat) and Ranger (superior senses and survival/exploration skills)
Cleric: Cleric (celestial channeling spells/servant of the gods) and Healer (supernatural healing powers)
Wizard: Wizard (arcane channeling spells) and Mystic Scholar (spell repertoire tied to a book)
Sorcerer: Sorcerer (innate arcane spells) and Dragonblood (physical and mystical power born of draconic heritage or empowerment)

Note that some of the character classes have either a more specific schtick or a dual-headed one. Expert classes (veteran, thief, ranger) are particularly likely to have a dual focus, because they tend to have an "adventure-portable specialty" and a "professional" one. The fact that a ranger can find their way across a trackless wilderness while feeding their allies and hiding all signs of their passage is an important part of what a ranger is, but it's not something that helps in the dismal dungeons of dank despair the way that spotting traps and noticing ambushes does.

While the classes above are designed to be paired together to replicate D&D classes, they can be used together in any combination. You can make a cleric/fighter to make more of the classic warrior priest. You can combine fighter and rogue to make more of a brute force rogue. You can make a fighter/thief to make a criminal who dispenses with subtlety in combat. You can combine mystic scholar and cleric (the mystic scholar's abilities aren't defined around one type of magic) to be a cleric with a wider repertoire of spells). You can combine ranger with rogue or fighter to make a ranger with a different fighting style than long-ranged combat. You can combine dragonblood and fighter to make a character who channels their draconic potential towards more physical ends. You can combine mystic scholar and ranger to make a cerebral character who operates on intellect and observation, or thief and ranger to make a detective.

The manual also explicitly points out that you can combine "veteran" with anything if you don't want to add a second set of complicated abilities or dilute your character concept beyond "adventuring ____________".

These twelve classes are meant to stand as a proof of concept and baseline testing version, but think about the combinations possible when the other recent and traditional D&D core classes are added in with their own combos. And then other specialties and sub-classes represented as a character class (Alchemist, Necromancer, et cetera), and more "generics" like veteran.

While it came at it from a different direction, the final result is looking to be something very much like a hybrid between A Wilder World and Dungeons & Dragons.

Tuesday, September 30th

Sep. 30th, 2014 10:48 am
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The Daily Report/The State of the Me/Plans For Today

As much as I sort of wanted to make this "the first week of the rest of my life", there's likely to be a rather emotional interruption to my work day, as this is the day that Dorian's remains are scheduled to come back from the crematorium. I don't know when that will be or how it will go. I don't intend to dwell on this all day, but the fact that I don't have a lot of control over the timing of it means it's going to dominate my day either way.

I'm pre-emptively declaring this to probably be a dead day. I will make a determination midway through the afternoon about whether or not I'm likely to be done with today's Tales of MU update; if not, I'll shift this week's updates back a day.

In the meantime, I'm going to continue working on Adventure Song, because that's something that can absorb interruptions and distractions a bit more easily, at the stage it's at now.

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Sep. 30th, 2014 07:09 am
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Man, did I mistakenly put on my eau du fuck-with-me cologne this morning?

I have literally been bothered by strangers wanting to talk to me since I left my apartment this morning. Guy on bike in park wanted to know where I was going or possibly wanted my wallet; once I told him to fuck off he pulled his bike in front of me and tried to stop me, so I pushed his bike over. I sense a flaw in your cunning plan, sir.

Got in a cab to get away from yelling guy on (well, now, off) bike, and usually cabdrivers in Chicago are either quiet or talking to someone on their bluetooth. This cabdriver decided to tell me about how he has two wives and eight children. Used to be nine but one of them died. Also the healing powers of coconut oil. Awkward cab ride.

Escaped him and was followed by a person asking me for a dollar (which I do not have and told her so, having given the bigamist cab driver my only twenty) literally to the door of my building.

Never going outside again. Outside is horrible.

New fic! For everyone!

Sep. 29th, 2014 09:52 pm
cofax7: Lantern Waste in the snow (Narnia - Lantern)
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Hey, folks!

So the Narnia Fic Exchange 2014 just opened, and you all should check it out. There are over two dozen stories posted, including stories about the Pevensies, and Polly and Digory, and Eustace, and Bacchus. There are AUs, and there's some porn, and some awesome world-building, and even a few crossovers.

Go read!n

(There are also two stories by me, at least one of which is really obviously by me. But I won't say which.)
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