Kate's Progress: September

Oct. 9th, 2015 10:05 pm
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September was mostly about recovering from what happened in August.

As you may recall, in August Kate was diagnosed with steroid-induced diabetes, spent four days in the hospital because of it, and was prescribed insulin to deal with it. Then, while I was at Worldcon, she had a pretty nasty fall on the sidewalk by the library.

In September she wound up having a root canal on one of the teeth that was damaged in the fall. The anesthesia for that was pretty traumatic, but once that was done the root canal itself was no problem at all. After the fall she also noticed a weird "thing in her nose" -- neither the oncologist nor our GP knew what it was, but we got a referral to an Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist (the only doctor I have ever actually seen use one of those round mirrors on a headband that doctors always have in cartoons) who said it was a deviated septum, basically a "buckle" in the cartilage of her nose. This is annoying but not a serious problem; it can be corrected but would require surgery, general anesthesia, and a night in the hospital so we are leaving it alone for now. Apart from those issues, and some remaining bruising, she's completely recovered from the fall.

However, in addition to that fall she's had several others -- none resulting in injury, but still very disquieting -- and so, on the stern advice of our naturopath, she's started using a walker. Not one of those ugly gray ones with the tennis balls, though; this one is shiny and purple and has four wheels. With the walker her balance, range, and speed are greatly improved.

We also looked into using a drug called Avastin to address the radiation necrosis that's visible on Kate's MRI scans (and which contributes to the swelling that requires the steroids that cause the diabetes which requires the insulin that lives in the house that Jack built). It turns out that, although most people have no problems with this drug, a few patients have what the oncologist called "catastrophic" (i.e. life-threatening) side effects. We decided to pass on this drug unless the necrosis gets worse or the cancer recurs.

Kate's energy and initiative have improved considerably as we get away from the last round of chemo (July), and the tremor and foot drag have also gotten better. She is doing her own blood sugar tests and insulin injections, and her glucose levels seem to be well under control. She does still have some aphasia and short-term memory issues, but all in all things are not bad right now.

As for me, I'm... well, I haven't been coping as well as I would like. I've started taking an antidepressant called Celexa, which should help, but it will take a few weeks to have its full effect. It also helps that the release date, publicity quotes, and gorgeous cover for my novel have been revealed. You can see them at http://www.daviddlevine.com/arabella (click on the cover thumbnail there for a bigger version).

Thanks to Ann, Mark, John, Dave & Merilee, Ruth, Shannon, Arashi, Michelle, Melissa, Paul, Sara, Cynthia, Bill & Lynn, Teresa, Ulrika, Nancy, Sam, Mara, Melissa, and everyone else who came for a visit, brought food, did dishes, or otherwise helped out. You are keeping us sane, to the extent possible under the circumstances, and it is greatly appreciated.
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Posted by Genevieve Valentine

Last week, Sleepy Hollow reintroduced its new determination to be fun, but it’s made empty promises before. The good news is that this week is just fun enough that we might actually start to believe them!


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Posted by Kaila Hale-Stern

On the season premiere of TVD, Elena’s gone—but the town of Mystic Falls is still screwed. New friendships, romances and villains abound, hearts are ripped out, and much is set on fire. The more things change...


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He came just after Peter and Mary Jane'd married.

He struck his first blow after Spider-Man swung home.

Pete was telling MJ about something Aunt May said she'd done..

Something a little risqué. )

Card Draw Update

Oct. 9th, 2015 08:40 pm
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I am caught up on readings for the moment, and I truly appreciate the generosity of everyone who has donated so far! You guys are the best! I am still doing card readings if anybody is interested and missed the first call - first card's free!

“Minority Report” is Terrifying!

Oct. 9th, 2015 07:46 pm
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In the second episode of the new series, there is a lot of discussion about a mechanical surveillance program called “Hawkeye,” which is being tested in the District of Columbia.
In the same conversation, practically the same SENTENCE from a police officer arresting someone by remote, they cite a suspension of the writ of habeas corpus for forty-eight hours on SUSPICION of “endangering public safety,” not even an actual crime!

Well, it's fiction, right? It's not like people will take it seriously


Except the police are portrayed as entirely in favor of the destruction of one of the most BASIC provisions of our Constitution. Except that the example they use is a speeder on manual drive, whose car was taken over by remote at the police station.

This example is an idiot driver messing around with quick, signal-less lane changes and generally cutting into the cushioning spaces most drivers leave between themselves and the vehicle ahead of them. It's a familiar scene to drivers today, but the “solution” is terrifying.

But not one person complains about the suspension of habeas corpus. At all.

Not one person considers it an ARBITRARY arrest-- most drivers are ticketed, and only those who are inebriated, a clear and immediate danger to other citizens, are not allowed to drive away from the ticket. The Hawkeye program does not seem to include that option. The camera follows the driver's car off the highway, and cuts away. We are told that the vehicle is being impounded.

There was a passenger. What will happen to her? Is she going to be charged for failing to wrest control from the owner/driver of the vehicle to return it to auto-driving mode? There is not one WORD of follow-up. The next scene is touting the “success” of the “Hawkeye” program.

I stopped watching right there. I won't be returning to that series.

Here's tonight's question: what throws you out of the universe so completely that you won't go back?
Read more... )
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First, I should mention that the previous post about the kittens has been updated with links to photos illustrating relevant lines of dialogue. You know, in case you're into that sort of thing. :D

I have managed to shoot a few short videos of kitten shenanigans. A couple of them are pretty amusing. I am debating whether to upload them somewhere. In the meantime, you will have to make do with photos and dialogue.

First, a photo of sleepy kittens )

The biggest development since the last post is that Theo, somewhat improbably, has become The New Babysitter.

Kitten, NO )

Both kittens have begun imitating the way Toby uses the scratching post. Niko has also... well, you'll see.

the biped is doomed )

Toby and Theo have begun taking turns spending the afternoon on my lap as I work in the room where the kittens are alternately rampaging and napping. A couple of days ago, shortly after Theo had settled in for his shift...

snuggling: Niko )

Theo is no longer terrified of the kittens )

snuggling: Nyssa )

By the next day, Nyssa had managed to participate in a catpile with BOTH grownup kitties:

catpile )

Niko is still especially attached to Toby, but that doesn't stop her from following Theo around:

Niko takes lessons in looking majestic )

Toby has been coming around somewhat more slowly... but that really deserves a post of its own.

Subject: Volume 115, Issue 5

Oct. 10th, 2015 01:23 am
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Anecdote one:

A few days ago, the Pip told me that "Mister Nobody" was his invisible friend's first name.

His full name is Mister Nobody Patootie-Booty-Butt Something.

Anecdote two:

Tonight SteelyKid attempted to fend off bedtime through a monologue recreating the history on Earth by going from her and her brother, to her ancestors back to her great-great-grandparents (one generation at a time), then to cousins of cousins, then to the interconnectedness of all humanity, then to humanity's primate ancestors, then a side trip to birds and dinosaurs, then to the start of life on Earth, and then the formation of the Earth itself.

And now, since I was up at five this morning to take the Pip for a minor surgical procedure (probe of not-properly-draining tear duct; required general anesthesia because eye; all's well), I must get the laundry out of the dryer and faceplant into bed.

Sad day.

Oct. 9th, 2015 09:12 pm
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This morning it sort of felt like I'd jumped off the great big cliff of anxiety and into the canyons of depression. In hindsight, I am probably grieving.

A few days ago we noticed that one of our hamster babies, Mini, was feeling a bit heavier. By Wednesday night I noticed that she had a severely swollen belly. I took her to a Banfield vet in Wake Forest yesterday and they were able to establish that her heart and lungs were healthy, but they recommended us to a different vet b/c they did not have the tools to make a true diagnosis. So this morning I drove Mini up to Avian & Exotic Animal Care in Raleigh, where they were able to get an x-ray and see what was going on in her tiny abdomen. (She was sedated for this because her although her first favorite past time is sleeping, her second is running.)

The news was not good. Based on the films and a more thorough abdominal exam (easier when a hammie is asleep), we're pretty certain that Mini has a tumor/mass on her liver. It's probably been there for some time, but it's likely only recently began growing more rapidly and encroaching on her other organs.

At this point, there is not a lot that can be done for her that is curative. That said, we have some medications and supplements that we will be giving her to help her quality of life (she is currently, for the most part, still eating/drinking and coming out to engage with us/obtain treats, although she is much slower and has a harder time carrying herself around). Although the medications we have will help manage her pain/swelling, it is anticipated that the tumor will progress.

I know it may seem a bit crazy to be so enamored with such a tiny creature, but we don't have dogs or cats or other pets. Our hamsters are our furbabies. We spoil them and they in turn spoil us with their affection and adorableness. Mini has only been around for a couple of years, but she is a most precious part of my life. Holding a sweet hammie after a long day at work or having one snuggle up against you to fall asleep (as seen here) is pretty good therapy, and she never seems to mind it, either.

I cannot begin to tell you how sad I am.

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Posted by Bryan Lufkin

So far, New York Comic Con has been a glorious amalgam of my favorite things: Pokémon cosplayers, convention center pretzels, unbridled fandom, and Mr. Robot. The techno thriller’s cast and creator took to the stage for a panel Friday afternoon, where we learned season two will be super dark, so BE READY FOR SEASON 1 SPOILERS AHEAD.


(no subject)

Oct. 9th, 2015 05:42 pm
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Me every time I worked out this week between Saturday and Thursday: I just don't understand why I'm struggling so much, especially with my cardio. There's no reason at all I should be dragging. I've been eating really well, resting okay, no extreme stress... what the hell, body?

Me last Saturday: Yay, I got my flu shot!

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Story: Houston, We Have Graduation. (1566 words) by Lanna Michaels

Reader: [personal profile] susan_voight

Fandom: The Martian

Characters/Relationship: Mark Watney; gen.

Author's summary: To the University of Chicago graduating class of 2051, I have only one thing to say to you: don't eat potatoes.

Content notes: no standard notes apply. Author's rating: general audiences.

Length: 9 minutes, 45 seconds.

Download or Stream: at the Archive of Our Own (to reduce time spent fighting linkrot). If AO3 is down, check out my reader page at the audiofic archive or my Google Drive.

Direct download links for the convenience of archivists (may not be updated in the future; AO3 will always have the most recent links): unzipped mp3.

Reader's note:

I love Lanna's Martian fic, and this one was particularly well-suited to being read aloud.

Feedback and constructive criticism: better than tater tots.

Also announced at my journal and [livejournal.com profile] amplificathon.

(Mods, can I get a fandom tag? Thanks!)
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How exciting! [archiveofourown.org profile] lisabart translated my Smallville story Curator of the Life & Death Museum into Chinese: 生与死博物馆馆长!

In the past when I received requests to translate my work, I didn't like the idea that I'd have no way of seeing what the translator did to my story or if they even gave me credit as the original author, so I took the easy way out and didn't respond.

Years later, when I was considering giving blanket permission to transform my fannish works, I decided to get over it. I realized I don't want individual control over what people do with my stuff. Now I no longer have to judge each request based on how paranoid I feel that day, and instead I get to be pleasantly surprised when someone liked my work enough to transform it and is kind enough to let me know. Fandom. ♥


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