Drabble: The Lady or the Tiger

Jan. 22nd, 2017 11:17 am
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Posted by Ana Mardoll

This post was previously posted on my Patreon blog. I posted it publicly there and am cross-posting here to give a "sample" of the kind of content people would be signing up for. I hope you enjoy my drabbles as much as I enjoy writing them.

[Content Note: Gladiator arenas, Wild animals, Forced marriage]

I read Frank Stockton's "The Lady Or The Tiger?" in grade school and was utterly furious at the lack of a proper ending. Yes, it was supposed to "make you think" and in that regard it did so because I thought about the story off and on for years afterwards. At first, I simmered at the gimmick of the story: a moral dilemma without proper closure. Later, I found more things to dislike: its aggressive monoamory (why shouldn't the youth love two women? why is the princess' jealousy treated as a given?) and the plight of the "rival" who faces forced marriage to a man she's spoken to only briefly and may not even want.

These failings are meant to contribute to the characterization of king and princess as "barbarous", but this too feels like a cop-out by the author; cruelty without examination or resolution is titillation, not education. Titillation is not in itself a bad thing but here is a story which fancies itself a Serious Thought Experiment while failing to question its own underlying assumptions. In that respect, "The Lady Or The Tiger?" reminds me of the Heinz Dilemma, another thought experiment whose premises are too often left unexamined.

So here is my answer to the question of the Lady or the Tiger. I urge people to read the original story here, as mine will make little sense without context.

The lady came out of the opened door.

Of course she did, and how could she not? A princess possessed of the power, influence, and force of character to breach the secret of the doors without alerting her father the king to her activities was, by definition, a princess intelligent enough to realize that death was inalterable while marriage was not. So she gestured to the right and her lover opened the door without hesitation to find a bride waiting on the other side.

The lady was as beautiful as the day, as innocent as the night, and the delight of the watching crowd. They had fretted to see the lovely young man face such a terrible judgment but now their joyful cries drowned out the band of choristers and the horns of dancing maidens who surged forward to engulf the happy couple. The priest joined them in a more sedate walk, solemnizing the wedding between the two attractive strangers as the arena crowd all but rioted in celebration, content that justice had been served. The handsome youth who dared to love a princess had been deemed innocent by fate, and all were satisfied.

Well, not all. The king sat high upon his throne of royal state, surrounded by his court, and reflected that he had not enjoyed this judgment as much as he had previous ones. Before, whenever a subject was accused of a crime of sufficient importance to interest him, he'd always been open to the idea of their innocence. This was part of what made the game fun for him; he took pleasure in selecting the fiercest tigers and finest brides to set behind the doors, certainly, but he enjoyed no less the reveal of innocence or guilt. Yet this time, when he was quite certain of the subject's guilt, fate had decreed otherwise. This galled him--not the injustice of the situation but the subversion of his royal will, which was itself a greater injustice.

Still, he sat through the festivities he had decreed and comforted himself with the fine wine he had procured for the occasion. He listened to the peal of the gay brass bells announcing the marriage and he smiled at the shouts of his people and he watched as the troublesome youth led his bride to his home over the carpet of soft petals strewn for them by small children who would be fed afterwards for their trouble. His semi-barbaric heart comforted him that he was a fine ruler, his people were content, and the youth was no longer a thorn in his side. Should he wake in the morning and still harbor animosity towards the boy, he could always find pretext for another trial. Innocence today did not augur innocence tomorrow or the next day after.

Such were the thoughts lulling him to sleep the night of that last judgment. Whether he would have carried through on such threats is not for me to presume to answer, for his life ended that night as he slept. His daughter the princess, she possessed of a soul as fervent and imperious as his, cut his barbaric throat with a tiger's talon which she had procured during her quest to breach the secret of the doors. She had wrested the claw from the savage beast intended for her beloved, through ferocities which bespoke her own semi-barbaric nature, and now inflicted a matching blow to her father which he had inflicted upon her heart.

Swift were her movements then through the castle, gathering his court to her. This courtier had lost his eldest son to a tiger, and was her fast and immediate friend; that courtier had been forced to set aside the wife he loved when he was judged 'innocent' of a crime he had not committed, and was overjoyed to kiss her hand in fealty. Few among the court were untouched by the late king's cruelty, and those who might have fancied themselves loyal to him regardless now reflected on what the princess had known all along: death was inalterable, and resistance would not bring the barbaric king back.

Driven by her own white-hot ardor, she flew with courtiers and guard to the home of her beloved, arriving just as the moon reached the zenith of her nightly trek across the sky. Stepping over the threshold of the house as mistress of all she surveyed, her barbarian heart was overjoyed to hear voices not in the throes of passion but in quiet conversation. She flung open the bedroom door and the couple who leaped to their feet and bowed in confusion at her entrance were clothed as they had been at high noon: he, the beautiful condemned, and she the blushing bride.

Explanations came after the fierce embrace she demanded as her right, but they came in due time. The lady--for all that she found the youth to be admirable, kind, and pleasing to the eye--was not interested in marrying anyone, let alone the princess' lover. A priest was sent for to annul the wedding and the princess, now queen, raised the lady before the court as her dearest adopted sister and maiden companion. Any hatred she had once held for the lady turned to fondest love at being granted her heart's desire without complaint or resistance, and many a courtier would soon learn that the surest way to bring his suit to the queen's ears was through the favor of her trusted maiden companion.

So the semi-barbaric queen reigned with her fine consort, her beloved friend, and her court who found life much improved without the constant threat of mauling and marital upheaval hanging over them. The tigers were no longer forced to feed on criminals and found their diet much improved in the queen's newly commissioned zoo. Her countrymen applauded the new entertainment to be had at the zoo, for while it was less bloody of a spectacle, the food was as fine as before and the children were less wont to cry afterwards.

And so I leave it with all of you: Who had the happier ever after - the lady, or the tiger?
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Posted by Eric Berger

Enlarge / The landed Falcon 9 rocket that launched the Iridium satellites on Jan. 14, 2017. (credit: SpaceX)

After successfully returning to flight on Jan. 14th, SpaceX will make its next launch from Cape Canaveral no earlier than Jan. 30th. With this mission from a new pad at Launch Complex 39A, SpaceX will loft the EchoStar 23 communications satellite to geostationary transfer orbit.

This is a heavy satellite, weighing 5.5 metric tons, and getting it out to about 40,000km from the surface of the Earth will require pretty much all of the lift capacity of SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket. This would leave almost no propellant for the Falcon 9 rocket to fire its engines to slow down, make a controlled descent through the Earth's atmosphere, and attempt a difficult landing on a drone ship.

On Saturday, in response to a question on Twitter, SpaceX founder and chief executive Elon Musk confirmed that the upcoming EchoStar launch will therefore indeed be expendable. "Future flights will go on Falcon Heavy or the upgraded Falcon 9," he added.

Read 7 remaining paragraphs | Comments

Fine weather for quilting

Jan. 22nd, 2017 05:58 pm
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Weather and Mike playing Skyrim mean I've been making great progress with a hand quilting project: it just seems like the right sort of weather to be sitting with a quilt on my lap. And a blanket underneath it.

The boys didn't get any carrots today:

They nearly didn't get any water, but fortunately we decided that we didn't quite believe the Met Office's assurances that the freezing fog would clear Real Soon Now and saved the left-over water from yesterday. That meant that, when the garage tap failed to thaw out in the non-existent sunshine, we only had to carry a couple of buckets over from the house to top things up.

(As I usually do, I posted the picture into a private LJ post using the LJ app and then edited the post to copy the html to a DW post, before deleting the LJ post. (Shh, this is actually the easiest workflow I've managed to find). Oddly, today when I opened the LJ app it gave me a message about authentication and demanded that I log back in, but repeatedly failed to let me do so. On a whim, I tried posting anyway and it worked. Suspect that this is not the intended behaviour.)
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Hearing to Consider the Anticipated Nomination of The Honorable Tom Price to be Secretary of Health and Human Services

When: Tuesday 24 January from 10.00am

There is a second hearing into the nomination of Tom Price to be Secretary of Health and Human Services. This one is in front of the Finance committee, which is responsible for funding healthcare programs under the Social Security Act, including Medicare and Medicaid.

This is particularly important, as one of Trump's first acts on inauguration day was to sign a (very unclear) Executive Order giving the Department of Health and Social Services a lot of latitude for unwinding ACA and other healthcare programs without legislation. Read this link (provided by [personal profile] snickfic in the 22 Jan roundup) for a full explanation.

We've already laid out the reasons the committee should be concerned about Tom Price in this post for the hearing last week in front of the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions committee. Please check the comments, where [personal profile] j00j provided some additional information on Price's insider trading, together with an excellent revised script.

Committee Members )

The cake is a lie

Jan. 22nd, 2017 12:34 pm
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MacIsaac said the attention caught her by surprise partly because, per the order, the Trump cake was intended to be more of a prop: All but a three-inch slice at the bottom was inedible.

“It’s just a Stryofoam cake. It’s not for eating,” she said. “I wasn’t expecting it to be seen on TV.”
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Budget: Hearing to Consider Nomination of Rep. Mick Mulvaney (R-S.C.) to lead OMB

Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs: Nomination of Hon. J. Michael Mulvaney to be Director, Office of Management and Budget

When: Tuesday 24 January from 10.30am (Budget) AND Tuesday 24 January from 2.30pm (Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs)

Committee Members, what the committees should be concerned about and calling script )

Please use the comments to suggest more reasons why the committee should reject the nomination and to suggest amendments to the calling script.

Prompt for 2017-01-22

Jan. 22nd, 2017 12:13 pm
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Today's prompt is "reconciliation without truth".

From sharpest_asp.

Jan. 22nd, 2017 12:12 pm
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Comment with a fanfic trope and, if you'd like, a character/pairing, and I will tell you:
• how likely I am to write it
• A few lines of theoretical fic

So, Otabek

Jan. 22nd, 2017 08:55 am
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I'd like to write some more substantial OtaYuri but I don't feel like I'm really getting Otabek. So here are my rambles; please feel free to add your own.

He's definitely quiet and seems introverted. He also has the resting bitch face. I love how dour his offical site image is. But that doesn't mean he's unhappy. Des his outer stoic appearance reflect a calm inner nature or is he roiling inside?

I'd like to think he has deep feelings that build up and build up until they finally explode.

His birthday is October 31. I'm not quite sure what to make of that. Obviously birthdays are somewhat significant: Chris is Feb 14. Victor is Dec 25 and Georgi (♥) Dec 26. To me, Oct 31 yells Halloween but that's a very North American POV. All Saints Day? Eve of Winter?

Yurio's birthday is March 1 and I'm not sure about that one either.

How about that motorcycle? Looks cool but how stupid can you be to ride around on a rented death machine right before a hugely important international competition? This feels like an episode of Grey's Anatomy waiting to happen.

That makes me think: he's still a young guy and he's also used to making his own decisions. I wonder if he also does it on purpose to look cool.

Based on their interaction, it seems like Otabek and JJ already know each other. We know Otabek did some training in Canada. This feels like one of those times where I might have to write some past Otabek/JJ first to sort him out before going on to Otabek/Yuri.

In conclusion, I am still unsure. How about you?
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...It should be this one
(I can't believe I ran out of characters in a dreamwidth title. Anyway. Yeah, there was a period when I was making this where I was listening to that song a lot for another project. I'm not sorry.)
*A more accurate title would be something like "Wherein [personal profile] kiki_eng attempts to lure people into bandom by way of tropes." You know you're weak to this. Don't even front.

Songs About Vikings by [archiveofourown.org profile] skoosiepants
Panic! at the Disco | Brendon/Spencer | Rating: PG-13 | 2,223 words
The fifth time Brendon jerks off to a guy, he calls up Shane and says, "Spencer Smith's beard made me gay."
Spencer Smith's beard gave me feelings? I'm not sure what else you need to know. I like to pretend that I am not constantly reccing [archiveofourown.org profile] skoosiepants' work, but I probably already have written somewhere on my journal, about one of her fics: cute, fun, funny, I wanted to curl up in it and live there forever, a cat in a sunbeam, eternally happy. Would recommend. Am recommending.

Pluck All Your Silly Strings by [archiveofourown.org profile] jocondite
Panic! at the Disco | Brendon/Spencer | Rating: PG-13 | 5,047 words
Summary: Brendon and Spencer get secretly married for Sinister Tax Purposes.
I am sorry, but that is the best reason to get married. I feel, in my heart of hearts, that at its heart, that is what marriage is for. So, it's like, please, tell me about how you are so married this seemed like a plan. [archiveofourown.org profile] jocondite does. It's good.

Ask Yourself What Matters by [personal profile] formerlydf
Bandom | Gabe/William | Rating: NC-17 | 11,000 words
There's a voice inside his head telling him that this is Bill, this is Bill in pain, he should be there, he should try to make it better, he shouldn't leave Bill alone, and there's another voice reminding him of how much Bill likes his privacy, that he should respect the few intact boundaries they have left.
I love fic that's interested in consent and feelings. I also love fic that takes a trope that's a path to a pwp and goes somewhere else. So, yes, read all about that time Gabe didn't fuck William in a hotel room.

Pushing the Boundaries by [archiveofourown.org profile] airgiodslv
Bandom | Gabe/William | 11,946 words | PG-13 | Ableist language: "lame"
“This isn’t exactly what I thought you had in mind when you said retreat, bro,” Gabe comments, fingers digging into muscle just enough to make William’s shoulders rise.
Friendly bondage turns into sexy bondage, gradually. This is pretty domestic; they're so comfortable with each other.

Tongue-tied And Overloaded by [archiveofourown.org profile] skoosiepants
Bandom/Disney RPF | Gabe/William | Rating: PG-13 | 7,926 words
So, whatever, William’s young, and nervous – and Gabe kind of scares the shit out of him – but he’s not going to let that stop him from seducing Gabe. Again.
This fic is: fuzzy animals and waiting to get older and get noticed. (Also, yes, apparently I am not trying very hard to pretend that I do not always rec [archiveofourown.org profile] skoosiepants. The Disney RPF crossover is an essential lure, okay? It's fucking magic.) There are shenanigans and teenage insecurity and it's all thoroughly adorable.

I Show Not Your Face by [livejournal.com profile] formerlydf
The Academy Is.../Panic! at the Disco | Jon/William | Rating: PG-13 | 21,919 words | Ableist language: "lame"
It's not awkward — mostly, Jon thinks, because he doesn't spend too much time thinking about it, and he doesn't think William does, either. It's what happens, when you tour. Not with everybody you meet, obviously, but it's just a generally known fact that the more time you spend with somebody, the greater your chances of sleeping with them while under the influence of some sort of alcohol.
This may actually be my favourite HP Fusion ever. It's like bandom's magical realism thing on a series of tour buses that have been transformed into the Burrow and there's pining and werewolves. So: fucking lovely cobbled together magic with the soul of a poet and a note of tension strung through.

Run by [livejournal.com profile] mrsronweasley
My Chemical Romance | Frank/Gerard | Rating: NC-17 | 60,000 words | Ableist language: "lame"
Summary: Being a secret teenage werewolf is hard. Frank should know. He is one. (written for werewolfbigbang)
The tone of this thing is great. There's something perfect about a teenaged werewolf and this does a really good job on following through on the whole teenaged part.

sl1 k2tog psso by [personal profile] carleton97
My Chemical Romance | Bob/Frank/Jamia | Rating: NC-17 | 9,100 words
"You really are a big softie, aren't you?"
"Shut up and finish crocheting your Cthulhu, Gerard."

Bob owns a knitting shop and Jamia and Lyn set up a sex shop next door. Everyone knits a lot and Jamia and Frank decide they want to keep Bob forever. I mentioned the poly knitting AU thing? (Bonus little old ladies and cooking classes.)

Different Pages of the Same Name by [livejournal.com profile] finkpishnets
The Like | Z/Annie | Rating: PG | 2,171 words
Annie won’t admit it aloud but she’s sort of ridiculously glad for the start of senior year.
Adorable. Cute and lovely. Features friendship and people being awkward about having feelings and that thing where getting to know your crush is sweetly complicated instead of straightforward. Obliviousness is also a thing and it's just pretty damn sweet all round.

All the While You Hold the Key by [livejournal.com profile] wordslinging
My Chemical Romance | Frank/Gerard | Rating: R | 10,573 words
Because what you really want to read about is Frank struggling to hide his sickly disposition and Gerard having architectural schemes and them both being gone for each other, and, like, insecure and noble and shit.

Hurricane and Fire Survival Guide by [archiveofourown.org profile] softlyforgotten
Bandom | Greta/Victoria | Rating: PG-13 | 25,508 words
Summary: Victoria Asher goes to school, stars in a play, and falls in love.
Fuck yes, this fic. It's about Victoria being a bit of an asshole and caught up in her own shit, and there's a drama club. Oh, is there drama club; A+ use of drama club. The summary could also have been: wherein Victoria pines for her old friends and makes new ones in spite of herself. It's great.

Take Your Breath Away by [archiveofourown.org profile] cest_what
The Like | Annie/Laena | Rating: PG-13 | 2,951 words
Summary: When Annie got her police badge she didn't think she'd spend her first supernatural incident running for her life. But you can't fight a breath-stealer.
I am not really clear on how this thing manages to be both gritty and adorable, but that is a thing this urban fantasy AU does. Laena is totally swoon-worthy in this and Annie's still new at this job; they fight crime.

Let Me Shake Up Your World by [archiveofourown.org profile] paperclipbitch
Bandom | Greta/Victoria | Rating: PG-13 | 5,715 words
Pete says that her skills at lying are what make her so invaluable as an undercover officer. Victoria thinks that they probably make her a sociopath.
This is based on a Cobra Starship music video, so Greta and Victoria are working on shutting down a drug operation based out of a club. I love how this thing goes down between them from a trope standpoint. Victoria is great in this.

Highway Lines and Interstate Signs by [archiveofourown.org profile] AirgiodSLV
Bandom | William/Travis | Rating: NC-17 | 18,791 words
“This is a tour,” Travis replies easily. “Stop packing, you’ve got five days still. Take a vacation. I’ll see you on Warped.”
I put this fic into my draft for this entry a long time ago and so my notes from, like, five years ago, probably, are: "William is made of pretty and feelings" which seems like a pretty promising thing for a tour fic about sex and pining. Also I am pretty sure I do not remember this fic that much because I ended up, like, sucker-punched with the ferocity of how much I shipped those two, so you know it was good.

Take That Fork in the Road and Wherever It Goes by [archiveofourown.org profile] roebling and [archiveofourown.org profile] roebling & [archiveofourown.org profile] stele3, respectively
Panic! at the Disco | Brendon/Spencer | Rating: PG-13 | 17,164 and 20,545 words
Welcome to caring intensely about baseball. I read the sequel first and it is basically the story of a single game of baseball with a lot of memories thrown in, and, I got so invested, in Spencer's feelings and how much the game he was pitching meant, and, yeah. I'm not over it. The first one is a bit more a college AU than a baseball story, but I absolutely recommend both, and if you are emotionally invested in Ngozi's Check Please you will probably be pretty happy with this whole thing - read it even if you're not, maybe. There is angst and pining here, too, and being a closeted pro athlete, and it is a beautiful mix of things that you need in your life.

Taken My Place by [livejournal.com profile] harborshore
My Chemical Romance | Mikey/Ray | Rating: PG-13 | 6,000 words
The house is old. Really, the house is practically ancient; it groans and complains when the fall storms come calling, and the shed in the garden is holding itself together through sheer will and the last rusty nails clinging to the walls.
This is charming and adorable and Ray and Mikey are roommates in a house that is old and cranky and everything sorts itself out. ♥ I fucking love magic domestic fic.

So that's it, apparently: 16 tropey fic recs painting nowhere near a complete picture of bandom, its characters, ships, or ficcers - like, seriously, one of my main pairings is not in this and I don't know how that happened and this list is so short. I started writing this for [personal profile] readbystarlight years ago and accidentally lured her into other fandoms as I was writing this, but: now is a good time to be in bandom, I feel. It is always a good time to be in bandom. You should join me. *nods*
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Now that we're leaving this house, I'm finding all these things to appreciate about it. There's this little corner desk by some windows on the second floor landing; my dad always had this computer and fax machine there that he just never used. I've been using it to keep my laptop and do my morning pages, and it's really lovely. It would have been a nice office space, and it makes me think about setups I could like in the future.

Right now, the fact that I can hear birdsong and instantly relax in ways I didn't even understand before says a lot about what I want out of wherever I land next. I've been thinking a lot about this coming year in New York, and whether it'll be my last. If I was going to pick a small town somewhere and set up shop and freelance from there, I've got to start thinking about it now. A road trip around some likely suspects, for instance, could be great in early spring (Pittsburgh, Asheville, &c). That gives me a big project alongside the frankly uninspiring "find a job in New York media" thing that hasn't been going so well.

I didn't march yesterday, but my sister Erika and I were absolutely glued to all the posts showing incredible pictures, both of crowd sizes and of signs. It moved us both to tears multiple times; thank you to everyone who was there. What a beautiful, beautiful day.

Though we weren't marching, we were honoring a magnificent woman. My cousin and a family friend joined us for a lunch, where we read letters, shared stories and ripped into Trump for at least two hours, for Mom. Later, we went through her jewelry and took what made us happiest. I... am going to be taking so. many. things.

That's actually the rest of my day: going through everything I can get my hands on and decide what gets shipped to Brooklyn, what goes into storage and what we can donate. It's going to be a lot.

A thing that's making me wildly happy: this viral post, which I encourage you to reblog with my blessing. It's happening. *beaming!* (Of course, hard rule: please nothing that I've said in private even gets alluded to in public, rebloggable Tumblr posts. If there's publicly available information, though, like that [personal profile] theladyscribe points to... go wild. *hums*)
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"Today is difficult, but cheering violence against speech, even of the most detestable, disgusting variety, is not a look that will age well." - Nick Spencer

"Look, if we're saying it's okay to commit acts of violence against people whose views we hate, we should put that paper." - Nick Spencer

Writer: J.M. DeMattis
Artist: Mike Zeck

So with Neo Nazi/White Nationalist/Alt-Right Darling/genocide advocating Richard Spencer getting punched, Nick Spencer came to his defense to say violence against him and his speech is a bad thing. It got a steamy between Nick and his Twitter followers, eventually getting to him about his views and writing on Captain America. During of which, he cites this issue as Captain America's views on his stance to fighting hate speech with violence.

A lot of websites done posts about this, but let's take a more in-depth look at the issue with its relation to Neo-Nazis, hate speech, and violence...

Read More... )

1/22/17 links roundup

Jan. 22nd, 2017 08:41 am
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I've been doing links roundups on my DW for a while, and [personal profile] tassosss suggested I start crossposting them here. Please be aware that I'm not vouching for the authority or opinions of any of the stuff I link; I just link things that catch my eye. You can find old linkspams under my politics tag, here.

Women's March
* link to spreadsheet estimating total Women's March participation (Twitter.) As of now, estimate is between 3.6 and 4.5 MILLION in US.

* To my fellow white women: no one was arrested today because we showed up in numbers. This is why we need to continue to show up. (Twitter)

Activism / resources
* "So you just got home from your local Women's March. Now what?" (Twitter)

* Call the Halls: Contacting Your Representative the Smart Way - by the gal whose initial "how to call your reps" tweets went viral two months ago.

* Find a local League of Women Voters - I knew this group did a ton of voter education and informed voting work, but I did not know until yesterday that their local branches hold forums and otherwise engage heavily with local issues, as opposed to just national ones. I am 100% going to be checking out some of these educational forums near me in the next while.

News / analysis
* Analysis of game Trump is playing with press. Really scary stuff. (Twitter)

* Tons of links/explanation for what Trump's inauguration day executive order is and means (Twitter)

* Sen. Tomes' protester bill met with criticism (Indiana Courier Press). This was the Indiana "clear roadways of protesters by any means necessary" bill. Sounds like it's dead in the water.

* At the Last Minute, Trump Asks Nuclear Safety Administrator to Stick Around After All (Gizmodo). WELL, GOOD.

* Rep. Cathy McMorris (R-WA) gets shouted down at MLK event by angry constituents (ThinkProgress)

* Governor Cuomo Announces Decisive Actions to Secure Access to Reproductive Health Services in New York (ny.gov)

New Vid: Hannibal "Vampire Smile"

Jan. 22nd, 2017 05:28 pm
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Title: Vampire Smile
Fandom: Hannibal (tv)
Music: Vampire Smile by Kyla La Grange
Characters/Pairing: Will Graham/Hannibal Lector
Summary: you'll need me and we can be obsessed
Warnings: graphic violence
Vidder notes: I'm so in love with these characters and I had to put that into vid form. OMG, my emotions!!

Also here on AO3.

Comments are loved!

Download: 16mb mp4

If the embed won't work, you can watch it here on Vimeo.
Password: vampire smile

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I'm still not keen on blogging but I wanted to let you all know that the Anne Frank exhibition that's toured many countries has been cancelled in Croatia because the headteacher of the school where it was to be held was upset that the partisans were presented in a better light than the nazis.




The government waffled over this instead of condemning it because they're still trying to justify nazi phrases on a plaque recently installed near a WW2 concentration camp. (Police, however, arrested the people who put up a protest manifesto. Yeah.)

Croatia, everybody.

Dept. of Getting Woke

Jan. 22nd, 2017 10:10 am
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This I Believe

 photo fb3cd480-2f3f-4212-87a0-472a9271dbf6_zps3tzojemf.png

Apologies for the large image, but you don't hide Lady Liberty's light under a bushel.

I live-streamed the Women's March on Washington. My First Born attended the march in Chicago. And, although I know it's just the beginning - continued resistance is hard work - I think knowing how much support, how many allies, there are around the world, is a tremendous boost.


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