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A reader writes:

We have recently offered a new employee a job, with a job offer email that included the following line: “The position is permanent and will be subject to a 3-month probationary period and reference check.”

We made the offer contingent on references because one of his references was his current employer and he didn’t want us to approach them until he’d handed in his notice.

We have now had references back and the one from his current employer was really worrying, which has made us think that he is definitely not the person for the job. Can we retract the offer? Help!

This is a really tough situation, and it’s one of the reasons that offers contingent on a reference-check can be sticky. You’re asking someone to resign their job, while keeping open the possibility that you might yank the offer they’re accepting.

That means that you have a high responsibility here to not just immediately rescind the offer but to try to get more information.

So, first, look at it against what you know of him from the other references. Were the rest glowing and this the only bad one? If so, consider why that might be: Was this a very different type of work than his other jobs? Since it’s from his current employer, is it possible that they’re pissed off that he’s leaving? Or that they’re unreasonable people, which is why he’s leaving?

Of course, it’s also possible that the reference is completely objective and accurate, and even prohibitive for your hiring him.

But you don’t know that yet, and you have get more information.

I’d go back to him and say this: “As you know, our offer was contingent on a positive reference check. When we talked to your current manager, she raised some concerns for us about X and Y. Can you tell me anything about that?”

You might hear something that puts your mind at ease, at least when you balance it against the other references you talked to. For example, you might hear that it’s true that he didn’t excel at X and Y but he was told not to work on those projects this year and instead to focus on A and B. Or you might hear that everyone else was pleased with his work and he has written performance evaluations to back that up, but that the manager you spoke with came in a couple of months ago and had a very different vision for his work. Or, who knows. Regardless, the idea here is to give him a chance to tell you his side of the story and not take the word of one person (who you don’t know) as absolute gospel.

If you end up in a he-said/she-said situation and don’t know who to believe, ask him if he’s able to put you in touch with anyone else from his current job who can speak about his performance — he might be able to put you in touch with people who will back up what he’s saying. Or you can ask if he has copies of performance reviews for that job or anything else that might help you get a better understanding of the areas that are concerning you.

This is extra work, certainly, but because you made him a contingent job offer and he’s already accepted it and resigned from his old position, you owe it to him to give him the chance to respond and to weigh what you’re hearing as fairly as possible.

we made a job offer contingent on references — and the reference was bad was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager.

Introductions meme!

Jul. 6th, 2015 04:15 pm
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[personal profile] me_and, also referred to herein as facesfriend, is tentatively stepping back into using DW as a social network, on the grounds that having committed enough patches to make a [site community profile] dw_news post he might want to shake the dust off his account. He's techy (to nobody's surprise, um), he reads spec fic (I'm hoping to persuade him to post about the various books I just foisted onto him), he is into systems and logistics in a way that I find utterly captivating but leads D to describe him as My Boring Dudefriend With Whom I Boring, and he's kind and thoughtful and generous with his time. He does LARP (about which I know nothing), can be very entertainingly snide and deadpan if encouraged but is careful to keep it away from people who don't like it, and is a singlet who picked his handle lo these many years ago for entirely unrelated reasons unaware of what the naming convention implies (if this clause is opaque to you then the meaning's largely irrelevant).

Or, to put it another way, I think it's time for an introductions meme.
If you would like to, please comment to this post, and I'll introduce you to everybody else by giving a reason why I think you're great. Some people I know better than others, so I can't promise all my introductions will exactly encapsulate why someone might want to get to know you. You're also welcome to comment to someone else's thread and ask for a specific introduction to that person; I know some people are more confident than others about just jumping in and introducing themselves to a stranger. I am also happy to matchmake if you would like that; ask me for a recommendation of a personal journal and/or community from my circles.

And of course, feel free to repost this game in your own journal, if you think it would be a good way to make connections between some of your people. I think this could go quite well if it spreads a few hops away from here, but also worth doing even if no-one picks it up.

Please do play if you'd like to; if you want to PM me to ask permission and encouragement I will gladly dispense same. <3

Wiki updates

Jul. 6th, 2015 04:40 pm
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I've just written a very short guide to getting Support Board and privs set up on a 'hack (the information was all previously available but was a bit scattered). Please do let me know if you think there's information missing (or edit yourself if you have privs).

I've made some minor tweaks to Privileges. It is still marked as in-need-of-update and does not accurately reflect the full set of available privs. I'm happy to edit all of them in but would like input on how to adapt existing categories to this end :-)
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There Is a Light That Never Goes Out (The Pleasure, The Privilege Is Mine)
Captain America; Steve/Bucky; g; 1,650 words
Steve reluctantly attends Tony's New Year's Eve party, but is glad he did when Natasha brings him a gift.

Remix of There's a light (at the end of this tunnel) by [archiveofourown.org profile] seratonation. Thanks to [personal profile] laurificus for looking it over. Title from the Smiths. This is set after Age of Ultron but ignores rumors about Civil War. Or read it at AO3.

Take me out tonight / Because I want to see people and / I want to see life )


Feedback is always welcome.

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A still of the Hulk in a pile of rubble from The Avengers


Dear Captain Awkward,

One of my friends gets angry a lot. To be more specific: one of my friends gets angry at things that are not me, and vents to me a lot. I don’t mind being available to vent to in the general case, but.

Bruce, let’s call him, gets especially angry when anxious. When he gets angry, it generally takes the form of explosive swearing. Even though I know where he’s coming from, there’s only so much tirade I can handle before getting anxious (in-person anger scares the crap out of me, online anger not directed at me takes a while longer to do that) or exasperated. I don’t feel this is something I want to abandon this friendship over, but I also am pretty sure that I do not need to let him expound on how enraged he is over some mishap with something he’s nervous about for extended lengths of time.

My question is one of diplomacy: How can I ask him to calm down without pissing him off more? I just want a little less freakout time here. (I think he would benefit too, but that’s really not within my control.)

(For the record: This is an online friendship, so I am not getting any of this in person, and I do not feel threatened or unsafe; no threats are even being made, just a lot of directionless swearing. I’m just not especially comfortable with it past a certain point.)

–Frets in the face of Frustration

Dear Frets:

Keeping your hilarious subject line, thnx.

“How can I ask him to calm down without pissing him off more?”

You can’t. If he’s in #$%@!@#$%-mode, being challenged on his behavior probably isn’t going to make him feel or react better. That doesn’t mean you can’t ask him to calm down, or better yet, since “calm down!” has never induced greater calm in any situation, validate the feelings, ask him to knock it off, and if he won’t, de-escalate the situation by leaving it.

  • Bruce, I can see that you are really upset about x, and I’m sorry about that. But can you save this rant for later? I want to keep talking with you, but I’m not here for being All Caps Screamed At.
  • “BUT I’M NOT SCREAMING AT YOU.” “Cool, but you’re still doing the equivalent of screaming, and it’s making me wicked uncomfortable. I’m gonna go, let’s talk tomorrow.”
  • Bruce, I can see that you are angry, but I don’t have the energy for a rant right now. I’m gonna log off, hopefully we can catch up later.
  • When in doubt, ask: “Bruce, I don’t like leaving you when you are feeling this upset, but I’m also not here for a full Hulk-rant right now. What can we do so that you get what you need, without the swears, etc.?” His answer might be: LISTEN TO RANT and yours might be: SORRY, BRO, I CAN’T and that’s okay, but giving him a choice and some responsibility in what happens gives him the chance to surprise you.

If he does calm down, yayyyyy! If he doesn’t, you can say “Sorry, friend, I’m really not able to hang out for this right now” and then go *poof* out of whatever chat program you are using (or set your settings to invisible) and try another day. Don’t ask permission or negotiate, by the way, just, “I am going” + GO.

If you do this a few times and nothing really changes, and you are close enough friends that you feel like you can say “Hey, are you managing your anxiety okay? Is it time to see someone/adjust some dosages? Because lately you seemed maybe to not be okay,” then throw that out there during a calm, non-ranty period. Getting him to seek help isn’t your responsibility, and managing the behaviors that come with his unhappy feelings isn’t your responsibility, but a good friend can sometimes offer an outside perspective along the lines of “Do you realize how often you do this thing? This thing that annoys and troubles me and also doesn’t seem to improve your mood any?

One reaction he may have is embarrassment and shame, which may come out as a question to you along the lines of “If this is how you felt, why did you ‘let’ it go on so long?” Like “calm down,” that question can really make a person feel defensive, so one thing you can do to de-escalate is to try not get defensive. “I don’t know, Bruce. I never loved that aspect of our conversations, but I knew it was just you harmlessly blowing off steam, and I hoped that once you finished a rant you’d feel better. After a while, I felt like I needed to say something, because it was making me uncomfortable and I’d like you to stop.

Bottom line: Don’t try to fix him or his behavior, release yourself from responsibility to not accidentally piss off a person who is ALREADY INTERNET SCREAMING AT YOU, take care of yourself when it gets to be too much for you, come back another time with an open mind. Just because it’s happening through a screen doesn’t make it okay and doesn’t mean it’s not affecting you. You are absolutely correct that you don’t have to hang out all the time every time listening to this stuff.

It seems like a good time to remind everyone of the art of HULK-KU, which are haiku written in the voice of the Incredible Hulk.





















Channel your rage and write your own! Also, if this image of a little girl dressed as the Hulk for Halloween in a purple tutu doesn’t bring you joy, you might be dead inside, so get that looked at.

leaving (on a jet plane)*

Jul. 6th, 2015 10:10 pm
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I'm at Perth airport. Waiting to get the red-eye to Melbourne. This means the long period (approx 29 hours) between home and the next time I get to lie in a bed has begun.

I hear there is internet on planes now, and Qantas tends to be the type of airline where everything is included in the ticket price**. But just in case they charge a million dollars per mb, I have loaded the laptop with Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrel, Wonderfalls, and season one of True Detective

One of the movie options on the Melbourne - LAX stretch is Jupiter Ascending, so I will probably watch that as well.

I've got various e-books, and a paperback copy of The Prague Cemetary by Umberto Eco, in case my eyes need a rest from the screen but I'm not able to sleep. I also have knitting.

So I think I'm prepared, and not lacking in material to keep me entertained.

If I'm not tweeting*** throughout the flight, I'll see you all on the other side.

*Apologies to all the Australians who I just earwormed
**I'm currently using their free airport wifi, but it says there is a 30 minute limit per device.
*** https://twitter.com/G_McSomething

(no subject)

Jul. 6th, 2015 10:10 am
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A lot of things I hoped would get done yesterday didn't. A big part of that was Scott having very different priorities than I did. At least the grocery shopping and the library run got done. I didn't go along to the library because my ankle was hurting. Scott also took Cordelia to Home Depot to look at paint colors. They want to paint her room during Scott's second week of vacation this year. Before Cordelia was born, we painted her room the color of Winnie the Pooh in the Disney adaptation. I forget what the official name of the color was. We also put up a Winnie the Pooh border near the ceiling. Cordelia has ripped down what she could reach of the border, but about half of it is still there.

I was hoping that we'd get the sheets changed yesterday. Our second set of sheets is actually clean right now (they didn't get washed for a long time because I couldn't take them down the stairs and Scott didn't think they were important. Left on his own, I don't think he'd ever change the sheets). They're even upstairs now.

I also hoped that Scott would install the new hard drive in my laptop. He didn't which pretty much means it won't happen until after our trip with his family. I don't see him doing it any day when he works. It's not a huge deal-- I don't expect to do anything that will fill up the 25 or so GB I've got free on this drive. I just would like it to be done.

Scott and Cordelia went to Whole Foods on their way home from Home Depot. I'd asked them to stop and pick up some more stevia. I only had a packet or two left (I'm pretty sure Scott's been using it, too). I looked at Kroger last week, but I didn't see any that wasn't mixed with other sweeteners. Not that I got to look very thoroughly-- Cordelia got very cranky at me for stopping and looking. At any rate, Scott picked up pizza for himself and Cordelia while they were at Whole Foods. I have a bad history with Whole Foods pizza, even the stuff with no tomatoes, so he didn't get any for me. He did call me to ask if he could get me anything besides the stevia, but we couldn't come up with any ideas for something that would work because all the things that interested me were things where he'd have to guess at what specifically I would like (I thought of cheese and of the hot buffet). He ended up just buying me a bottle Reed's ginger ale.

They also came home with two new collapsable laundry baskets. Cordelia's old basket had a protruding wire that actually cut her when she was carrying her laundry downstairs yesterday.

I have to get Cordelia to do more laundry today so that I have clean clothes for the week. I managed to put away most of my clean laundry yesterday, all except a few socks that I couldn't match up because there wasn't much light in our bedroom (I can't turn on the overhead light when the fan is running. Well, I can't do it easily, especially not with my ankle still hurting, because doing it requires kneeling on the bed because I'm too short to reach the cord any other way). The socks in question are dark brown and navy and black. They're kind of hard to match up even in good light. I can tell that it had been a long time since I last put away laundry-- There were four long sleeved dresses in the basket.

I think I've got to stop visiting FFA. It's eating my time for no reward. It'll still be very tempting to use it as a short break while I'm link finding, but surely I can find something else. My original reason for going there was hope of finding a beta reader, and that seems to be a really extremely poor place to look. In the time I've been going there, I've only seen people actually find beta readers twice even though a lot of people have asked.

I'm trying to figure out if the tins of instant coffee I get now contain less or if I'm somehow measuring it out differently. I used to be able to get seven days out of a tin. Now, I can only get six which requires a little more planning on my part in terms of telling Scott how many tins to buy. The difference between six days and seven is actually pretty considerable-- I use approximately four tablespoons of powder every day (two for each cup of coffee).

I queried the library yesterday about a CD I've had a hold on for months. There are three people waiting for it after me, and the only copy has been 'in transit' for several months. At this point, I can only think that it's lost. I don't know if they'll bother to replace it-- It's a Kinks' album, and they have quite a few of those, so I assume that the person making decisions about which CDs to buy likes the Kinks, but buying a replacement is often a different thing entirely.
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I've been browsing the alexandrian blog with various roleplaying reviews and advice. He periodically reposts reviews he made 15 years ago for rpg.net. A couple are funny.


A parody game, including cards such as "Wizards of the Coast. The publishers of a hot new card game. Though they have money, they aren't exactly in the same league as TSR. If they survive Magic The Gathering, look out!"

Which was a bit of a lame joke at the time, but after WotC became a fantasy roleplaying juggernaut buying most other related companies, is funny in retrospect.


Settlers of Catan: "hex-based maps from every wargame you’ve ever seen; combinations of resource cards are basically a mechanic from Risk; maintaining diplomatic relations from Diplomacy; variable board set-up from Chess variants; and trading resources from many variants of Monopoly), but the true aficionado will recognize a whole which is greater than the parts."

It's strange to read a review where Settles of Catan is new and no-one knew if it would be as promising as it seemed yet :)

And from rpg exchange: http://rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/34825/whats-the-inspiration-for-the-owlbear

A question it hadn't occurred to me to ask, why does the rust monster look the way it does? Why the owlbear? Because the designer had a cereal-packet-style bag of mythical plastic monsters from japan that were supposed to be dinosaurs, but took their distinctive appearance for the new monsters :)


Jul. 6th, 2015 09:10 am
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The book is out: Accessing the Future! I'm still working my way through the other stories, and there are some really amazing ones in there. Lots of complex, heart-tugging tales. These aren't fables or parables, just good stories looking critically at a disabled future.

The big news: my insurance approved my surgery. I got that first denial a couple weeks ago - nonsensically telling me I had to try to lose weight first, harrumph - and my surgeon's office called the insurance and my surgeon himself talked to them and ta-dah everything is fixed now. Less than two weeks from denial the first (and less than three months from my first tentative conversation with my doctor), and requiring no intervention by me. Someone else advocated for me, y'all, and they made it happen. I'm scheduled for August 21. :D

(Sadly this means dropping out of the Chicago ADA celebration dance festival thing, which I was so excited to be invited to perform at, but I'd have just barely three weeks to go from "under the knife" to "off a plane and performing" and I just don't think that's realistic. Oh well, hopefully they'll ask me back another year...)

I made the post about the surgery to FB, then made a follow-up post to a curated list of ~180 folks, which I intended to be just a "yep, if you were reading between the lines, this here is part of a transition process" confirmation. Then commenters kept being surprised and I realised I hadn't formally come out for a few years so, uh, it got a bit more involved. But people have been lovely and very happy for me :) (It sounds like we'll have good support in my recovery, too, in terms of helping hands and meals.) Coming out never really ends...

Prompt for 2015-07-06

Jul. 6th, 2015 09:14 am
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Today's prompt is "woman inherits the earth".

Cryo-EM On the March

Jul. 6th, 2015 07:16 am
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Cryo-electron microscopy has been scoring some real successes lately as a structural biology technique. Anything that provides protein structures without having to crystallize proteins is of immediate interest, of course, and I think we can expect a lot more work in this area. Here's a review on the current state of the art, for those who are into this sort of thing. I'd say that right now, getting solid high-resolution structures of random unknown proteins via EM is still an edge-of-what's-possible technique, but it's nowhere near as far out on the fringe as it used to be. Worth keeping an eye on.

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Posted by Arturo

By Arturo R. García

While San Diego Comic-Con has become linked with the city’s economy, it’s worth pointing out that one reason other cities probably feel they have a shot at wresting it from San Diego’s grasp is, there’s very little inside the event that actually reflects the city.

Over the weekend, the Chicano-Con exhibit began putting more of the “San Diego” back into this sphere. The event, a pair of two-day art exhibitions inside Barrio Logan, a neighborhood less than a mile from the convention’s high-rent district that formed its identity in the early 1900s with the infusion of refugees from the Mexican Revolution. Brent E. Beltrán, highlighted this disparity in the San Diego Free Press:

Comic-Con International recently bought a building at 16th and National in Barrio Logan. Yet no official events are scheduled to take place here.

There’s not even a shuttle bus stop yet there will be Comic-Con buses running every twenty minutes down Cesar Chavez Parkway heading towards the freeway. And there will also be countless attendees using this community as a parking lot to escape the outrageous parking fees.

Yet no official activities take place here. No outreach has been done to incorporate a low income, mostly Latino community impacted every year by Comic-Con. And that is unfortunate.

We love comics and the popular arts as well. We’re even known for our art. Yet, Comic-Con ignores us.

There are more events on tap in the area during SDCC weekend, which we’ll highlight in our upcoming convention preview. But this past Saturday, we went to Border X Brewing for the Chicano-Con exhibition, and you can see most of the artwork on display under the cut.

While most of the displays were two-dimensional, artist Cesar Castañeda lent two more sizable works to the collection:

"Quetzalcoatl Roots, no. 2 of 3" by Cesar Castaneda

A photo posted by Arturo R Garcia (@aboynamedart2) on

"Rise of Quetzalcoatl," by Cesar Castaneda. #ChicanoCon

A photo posted by Arturo R Garcia (@aboynamedart2) on

"Batman is a Cholo" #ChicanoCon

A photo posted by Arturo R Garcia (@aboynamedart2) on

There were also individual comics on display, but at a glance, Wonder Woman — first played on TV, of course, by a biracial Latina, Lynda Carter — got the most individual attention:

#Latina #ChicanoCon

A photo posted by Arturo R Garcia (@aboynamedart2) on

Wonder Woman is the member of the Trinity getting the most shine at #ChicanoCon

A photo posted by Arturo R Garcia (@aboynamedart2) on

More Diana love #ChicanoCon #wonderwoman

A photo posted by Arturo R Garcia (@aboynamedart2) on

As one might expect, Lucha Libre was also well-represented at the exhibition, with a particular emphasis on Mexico’s all-time best attraction, El Santo:

Growing up in Mexico, Kaliman (left) & El Santo were more popular than Superman or Cap. #ChicanoCon

A photo posted by Arturo R Garcia (@aboynamedart2) on

El Santo, joining the fray. #ChicanoCon

A photo posted by Arturo R Garcia (@aboynamedart2) on

Promo art for "Santo In The Wax Museum," 1964. #ChicanoCon

A photo posted by Arturo R Garcia (@aboynamedart2) on


A photo posted by Arturo R Garcia (@aboynamedart2) on

During the 80s, "Aguila Solitaria" was the name of a prominent masked luchador. No "Native" motif, though.

A photo posted by Arturo R Garcia (@aboynamedart2) on

For the sake of comparison, here’s Aguila Solitaria, the wrestler:

Blue Demon preparing for #luchaunderground? #ChicanoCon

A photo posted by Arturo R Garcia (@aboynamedart2) on

Some of the featured works took on more political messages:

"Murderer State" #ayotzinapa #ChicanoCon

A photo posted by Arturo R Garcia (@aboynamedart2) on

"Comandante Chicomencoatl," by Mario Chacon. #ChicanoCon

A photo posted by Arturo R Garcia (@aboynamedart2) on

American comic hot take. #ChicanoCon

A photo posted by Arturo R Garcia (@aboynamedart2) on

The Joker meets Cepillin. Truly frightening. #ChicanoCon

A photo posted by Arturo R Garcia (@aboynamedart2) on

El Chapulin Colorado's last fight. #ChicanoCon

A photo posted by Arturo R Garcia (@aboynamedart2) on

The Pachuco emerges from the underworld #ChicanoCon

A photo posted by Arturo R Garcia (@aboynamedart2) on

The post Images: Chicano-Con And The San Diego You Won’t See At Comic-Con appeared first on Racialicious - the intersection of race and pop culture.

227 of the 100.

Jul. 6th, 2015 10:53 pm
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227 icons of the 100 ( season two )
— 2 of abby
— 33 of bellamy
— 88 of clarke
— 17 of finn
— 5 of jasper
— 12 of lexa
— 4 of lincoln
— 5 of murphy
— 28 of octavia
— 33 of raven

here @ [community profile] shithouse.

227 of the 100.

Jul. 6th, 2015 10:53 pm
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227 icons of the 100 ( season two )
— 2 of abby
— 33 of bellamy
— 88 of clarke
— 17 of finn
— 5 of jasper
— 12 of lexa
— 4 of lincoln
— 5 of murphy
— 28 of octavia
— 33 of raven

here @ [community profile] shithouse.
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July 6th, 2015next

July 6th, 2015: Americans, I hope you enjoyed your "4th of July" celebrations, or as WE call it, "Backup Canada Day".

– Ryan

Mondayitis antidotes

Jul. 6th, 2015 10:40 pm
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1. Finished knitting my golden/yellow alpaca arm warmers, sewing in progress.

2. Got home long after dark but with sleek, freshly cut hair.

3. Latest Thing For My Holiday: a ticket to Orpheus at the Sam Wanamaker Theatre (the candlelit indoor wing of Shakespeare’s Globe) in October.
ETA 3b. Also, I really like the look of the NT season they've just announced: Joe Armstrong and Anne-Marie Duff in Husbands and Sons! If the dates don't work out (NT being the masters of odd gaps in runs), it should be on NT Live. :D


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